Planning the Perfect Outfit for Easy and Comfortable Air Travel

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Planning to travel by air this holiday season? Time to start planning the plane travel with your family. So many things to consider - Flight times? Entertaining the little ones in the airport? What to do if your flights are delayed?

Five Tips to Comfortable Travel

With so many things to think about when it comes to packing and preparing for a flight with family, follow these simple dressing tips so that clothing-related delays and discomfort can be the last thing on your mind:

1. Keep it simple. When you think airline travel, think security screening.  As you plan travel-day outfits for you and your traveling companions, prioritize clothing that is belt, buckle, and shoelace free whenever possible.  In other words, if it can be slipped off and on in under 10 seconds, wear it to the airport!  A certainty is that every traveler will have to remove his shoes, so be sure that you and the kids pack your lace-up shoes and boots and travel in your slip-on flats and vel-cro sneakers.  Feet tend to swell on long flights, so for the comfort of you and your family will be more comfortable in slip ons.  While you are at it, go through your purse ahead of time and take out the nail clippers and jumbo hand sanitizer.  Sharps and liquids over 4oz. will not make it through security, so save yourself time and pack them in your checked luggage.

2. Layer it. Before take-off, airplane air tends to be stuffy and warm.  In the skies, the recycled air tends to get chilly.  Don’t fight the predictable.  Rather, plan for it.  Dress in layers that can be added and removed.  The sweater or jacket that your child sheds, because they are hot, can double as a pillow.

3. Make it versatile. You board the plane with the family members that you see everyday, but you de-plane into the arms of loved ones that you haven’t visited with since last holiday season.  Make comfort and convenience a priority when traveling without sacrificing shape and style in your travel outfit by wearing stretchy leggings with a trendy tunic top (which, by the way, pairs great with those travel-friendly flats!) You’ll be all set for easy, chic travel and able to go from the plane to the dinner table without having to change clothes.  Forgo the heels, making connections carrying luggage and even children are impossible with heels, not to mention the danger of turning an ankle.

4. Keep an extra set of clothes in your carry on. You never know what will happen on the plane, a little turbulence or an overactive child can cause some unwanted spills on your clothes.  Who wants to sit in a shirt covered in milk for any longer than a few minutes?  If you are traveling with a baby, you will be happy to have that extra set of baby clothes when the inevitable spit up or worse happens.

5. Plan for changes in temperature. If you are traveling to very different climates, make sure to prepare for the dramatic changes.  Floridians traveling to Colorado for the holidays will be very happy to have the extra sweater or jacket when they step outside.  Small babies will need a warm baby hat to keep them from losing their necessary body heat.  Hats, sweaters, and scarves are great items for keeping you warm without taking up too much valuable carry on space.

Have a safe and comfortable trip this holiday season! A little planning can go a long way, especially when traveling with children. Most importantly, have fun!

By Signe Whitson, LSW.  As a mother of two girls and a child therapist, she has become a master at planning creative ideas to handle the everyday issues facing parents today.  Her advice can be found on her blog about passive aggressive behavior, and as a featured writer on Psychology Today. She has partnered with My Baby Clothes Boutique to provide her advice to a larger audience of parents.
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