How to Get Away for Spring Break with Your Family

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Get away for Spring Break! The world is out there, so how do you choose where to go? Consider what your family loves to do together and where the best place to do that would be.

How to Plan a Family Spring Break

Here are some ideas for travel destinations and activities:

For the Outdoors Family

Head to the National Parks. Each one has something exciting to offer and is bound to be full of adventure for a family of explorers. These are some of the top parks for families, but don’t count the others out!

Biscayne National Park, Florida is a perfect activity for spring; take your family snorkeling or even scuba diving!

Carlsbad Caverns National Park, New Mexico has exciting underground caves to explore, and thousands of bats to view in their natural habitat.

Olympic National Park, Washington has it all! Hot springs, bald eagles, rainforests, beaches, and mountains, all in one place.

For the Amusement Park Family

Not loving the nature idea? Try a new amusement park.

Disneyland and DisneyWorld will always be a number one Spring Break destination. Pack up your family to meet your favorite characters and immerse yourselves in a fairytale life.

SeaWorld is an underwater world waiting to be discovered. Learn about aquatic creatures and visit their world up close. There are locations in San Diego, San Antonio and Orlando.

Six Flags has attractions that older kids might better enjoy. It has 11 locations across the U.S. and thrilling roller coasters rides to get your family screaming!

For the Learning Family

Still don’t know where to go? Think about places or activities that your family has associated with recently. Did one of your kids just do a state report? Go visit all of the places they just learned about. Did they just learn about the civil war? Visit the sights in the East. Anasazi Indians? How about a trip to Colorado? Fascinated by airplanes? Go see where they’re made at the Boeing Factory in Seattle, Washington.

For the Budgeting Family

And of course, we’ve heard it before, but there is SO much to see in your own state. Find a hotel or camping location nearby and explore your city with a new mind.

Save Money by searching for both Spring Break and last-minute deals, and be sure to get your kids involved in the planning process. Let them help you choose your hotel and plan what activities they want to do. You can even let the older ones help with budgeting. Let them plan activities with an allotted amount of money.

Wherever it is you end up going, have fun and focus on family bonding; that is where your memories will be made.

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