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Getting Active and Outdoors as a Family

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With the warming temperatures, my family has been getting outdoors more. We live by a bike trail and love to go for walks or bike rides together. Staying physical as as a family has always been import to us. I find, that when I lead out on these types of activities, my kids are eager to follow my example.

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Recent Harvard research finds that the best predictor of a child's healthy physical activity levels, and also their happiness, is activity enjoyed as a family. As parents, we often sign up our children up for all kinds of team sports and creatively limit their screen time as much as possible. Seeking out hobbies, events, and places that provide positive and fun physical opportunities and enjoying those with our children helps them avoid obesity and depression and enjoy life.

The Benefits of Getting Active and Outdoors as a Family

1. Connect as a family - We all have busy schedules. Making time for family will not only strengthen your relationships, but literally help you feel more connected. Make time to do something outdoors together. Go on a bike ride, throw a frisbee, or take a walk. You will be surprised how much fun this can be.

2.Weight control - Our families are more overweight than ever before. If we can get out, exercise and play together as families, we will be able to keep the extra pounds off and feel healthier.

3. Sleep better - My teenagers seem to live on little to no sleep. Studies show that they actually need their sleep. Getting active as a family will help you hit the pillow harder at night and get more sleep. Who wouldn't want that?

4. Better outlook on life - There are so many pressure in the world today. When we are active as individuals and families, our problems look smaller. The mental benefits of being active are HUGE.

5. Increased energy - We live in a world of technology. Have you ever sat for hours on end at the computer or watching TV and actually felt more tired? It is a fact that when you are active and exercising, you have more energy. Make time as a family to turn off electronics and go outdoors.

What are you doing to be more active as a family?


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