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Heather Ledeboer Helps Women be Moms for Life

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Being a mom, and being the best mom she can be, is a passion of Heather Ledeboer's. She is the proud mother of five children, "four on earth and one in heaven," and, like Jenny Eckton and Loralee Choate, who have also survived the loss of a child, is passionate about healing through blogging, helping other moms, and leaving a mark on the world. Heather's mark takes the form of, a site that offers unique products especially for moms, made by moms. Her site facilitates both her ability to be a work-at-home mom and to help soon-to-be moms who are uncertain of their ability to mother.

"All great adventures must first begin as a dream," Heather says. "My dream was to stay at home with my son Hunter, while also helping the family financially. I realized that there were many options that could work, but only a few that I would be truly passionate about. I began by searching for a few unique products that would be helpful to almost any mom. Soon thereafter, I began to get recommendations from other moms about products that they knew and loved. Thus, my inventory began to grow," and Mom4Life was born.

She also dreamed of helping pregnant mothers. The realization of that dream took the form of a donation of 10% of her business's profits to Open Hearts Pregnancy Care Center in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho. Heather says: "I believe that our children are a gift from God. I also understand that for many women, the news of their pregnancy can be very scary. It is my desire that no mother go down this road alone. To help support women who may be facing the difficult choice of an unplanned pregnancy, I have chosen to team up with the Open Arms Pregnancy Care Center. This center is dedicated to providing support, education and council to women who are seeking support or information with the prayer that these women may choose life for their baby."

It is a Jewish proverb that states "God could not be everywhere, so he made mothers." A mother's work is truly a labor of love. It is also a journey, one that no woman can truly prepare for or understand until the moment her child is born, and which denotes progression along a road of learning and experience. It's also fair to say that that most mothers fare far better on that journey when helped by other moms, because it is a truly unique, powerful, difficult, rewarding journey. Heather has been both the recipient and the giver of that help. On her journey, giving to help other moms is a natural extension of being a mom, running a mom business, and enjoying motherhood.

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