How to Find the Right Orthodontist for Your Child


The first step to a healthy, beautiful smile is choosing an orthodontist that you and your child feel comfortable with and can trust. When my daughter was finally ready to move into braces I shopped around. I visited and interviewed several local orthodontist groups to find the best fit for us. I looked for a highly recommended south edmonton dental clinic with a knowledgeable, experienced and friendly staff from the front office to orthodontic assistants to the orthodontist. We have a wonderful orthodontic group because I did not just pick the first one I found the number for. Since you want build a relationship with the group over the years your child visits, here are a few important things when looking for an orthodontist.

How to Find the Right Orthodontist for Your Child

  • Ask your regular dentist who they recommend. (The particular orthodontist our dentist recommended was not on our insurance plan, so I had to dig a little deeper.) For more on this topic, read here about the new emergency dentist insurance service.
  • Ask about training. Where they studied, how long they have been in practice and if they are board certified.
  • What kind of training are his assistants required to have?
  • Find out if he knows the allergic reactions to braces, bands, rubber bands, wires and brackets.
  • Will he consider clear brackets for your child?
  • How does he sterilize the instruments used in the office?
  • Find out if they have early or late appointments. Your child may not want or need to miss school for an appointment. Ask about weekend and emergency appointments.
  • Inquire about how your child’s visit will go. Will she get the individual attention she needs each time?   Can she brush her teeth before the visit? Can she freely ask for additional supplies such as wax, flossers or whatever else she may need?
  • Ask if payment plans are available. Most insurances do not cover the entire cost of a treatment.
  • Ask how and why he chose the treatment plan for your child and how long the treatment plan will take.
  • Ask about broken appliances and if there is an extra charge to fix or replace them.

All of these questions are essential in finding an orthodontist you will like and trust. A good relationship with your orthodontist means he takes the time to know you and your child by name, he does not mind if you walk back to ask a question about your child’s treatment and he takes the time to sit down and answer your questions thoroughly.

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