Health and Wellness: How to Model a Balanced Life for Your Kids


September is right around the corner, which can mean busier schedules and more stress. But sending the kids back to school doesn’t mean you have to turn your back on the days of family fun and having balance in your daily life. Feeling stressed is inevitable, but you can combat it by modeling a balanced life for your kids.

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How to Model a Balanced Life for Your Kids

1. Make Unscheduled Time

Strive to carve out as much free, unscheduled time as possible. It’s hard to be balanced when you’re shuffling your kid from school to soccer practice on Monday, trumpet lesson on Tuesday, the tutor on Wednesday, etc. Initially, encourage your child to try out a variety of activities to see what they like. Then, focus your time only on the one or two activities your kid absolutely loves.

2. Don’t Multi-Task

Multi-tasking is stressful for kids to see (and do). Let them focus just on their math homework, not on doing their math homework while watching TV and texting. Doing one task at a time is more efficient and enjoyable. Encourage your kids to have their own lives outside of school and homework; reading books completely unrelated to school. Let them listen to music and draw.

3. Make Chores Fun

Make chores relaxing, all-family rituals. Instead of viewing cooking as a chore, involve your kids and prepare a bunch of healthy foods every few days. You’ll save time and have some quality family bonding. Additionally, don’t view exercise as something to cram into your schedule. Make exercise fun by playing outside with your kids; it’s a great study break for them. Include dad and use the weekends to get moving. Take a walk or hike after dinner.

4. Attitude is Everything

If you find yourself getting harried by minor annoyances, remember to breathe. How would you want your kids to react to unpleasant situations? If you get upset when things don’t go according to plan, your kids will probably get upset and stressed when they have two tests, a quiz, and a presentation tomorrow at school. Deal with grace!

How do you set an example to your kids of a balanced life?

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