Parenting Teens: How to Help Your Teenager Find the Right Job

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Finding the right job for your teen can be a difficult task. As they go around asking for application after application and going to multiple interviews, there are a few things to keep in mind. It’s hard to say that your teen should absolutely love what they do because it isn’t lifelong career. But finding something they don’t dread is important.

The choice is completely up to them; in fact if they are old enough to have a job they should be old enough to understand what jobs are best suited for them. Here are some things for your teens to consider and you to look out for as you gear them in the right direction.

How to Help Your Teen Find the Right Job

When helping your teen find their first job, look for a job that:

Matches Your Teen's Personality

If you know that your son or daughter has a hard time communicating with others, perhaps a job in customer service isn’t the best idea. Encourage your teen to look for a job in something behind the scenes, such as computer work or landscaping.

Grabs Your Teen's Interest

Finding a job is difficult in the first place, so most teens take whatever they can get. In the first steps of hunting, suggest first applying for jobs they would most want and make an effort to get to know the company and owner. Then focus on the other jobs that they may not have as much interest.

Your Teen can Handle

Jobs take a lot of responsibility and it is important to encourage your teen to stick with their job regardless of their bad days. There are going to be ups and downs, but learning how to control themselves and find solutions to problems instead of quitting every time they encounter a problem is a needed quality.

Makes Your Teen Happy

Even if they love their job, there are going to be days, in fact, multiple days when they would rather hang out with friends or mope around the house. There may be some jobs, though, that leaves your teen driving home angered, frustrated, unappreciated, and grim. If this occurs every time they go to work, it probably isn’t the best situation for them. These unhappy feelings will affect everything else they do and, in turn, other aspects of their life will dwindle in quality.

Let's Your Teen Live

While jobs are an important part of a teenager's life and teaches them responsibility, they can’t and shouldn’t be completely devoted to their job. If it is something that might become a career, more effort may be appropriate. But their job should not be their priority. They should be putting school, family, and even some social activities before their jobs. Teens still need to have time for other activities and things that are important to them in order to be well rounded.

Do you encourage your teenagers to get jobs during school? Why or why not?

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