How Twitter has changed my Life as a Mom


Twitter is a wonderful place that confuses many people. It even confused me back in February 2009 when I signed up for a Twitter account. I didn't like it. It was weird... who are these people.... what are these things called tweets.... what do they mean? It seems like some kind of secret code language written by teenagers. So, I quit! That's Right Folks! You heard here - Melissa Lierman of @TimeOutMom was a Twitter Quitter!

Several months later in May of 2009, my girlfriend Lara Galloway @MomBizCoach found out that I had quit and was all over me to get back on this crazy gerbil wheel of fast moving information in this cryptic language written by people I didn't know! Lara had joined in October of 2008 and had already been participating in this playground and had cracked the code and was sure this was a place I wanted and needed to be.

I distinctly remember telling Lara, "This place is crazyland, it moves at the speed of light, and I don't know any of these people! At least I know all of my friends on FaceBook in Real Life!" Lara replied, "Melissa you know ME! And I can name 10 other people you know on Twitter and I can name another 100 other people you would love to get to know!" Then she ordered me (as good friends do) to promise to go home immediately (we were talking on the phone while walking virtually together) and get back on to Twitter. She guaranteed that if I gave it just 15 minutes a day for 2 weeks I would see it's value.

So, I reluctantly got back on and connected first with some people I knew in Real Life, then connected with some people that Lara recommended and introduced me to and was a voyeur for a little bit. Then I started to see tweets go by that I understood what they were and could relate to them, such as: struggling as a mom to get a workout in, a meal, or even a shower without interruption. I jumped in and started commenting and sharing with these women from all over the United States, Canada, literally all over the world - anytime day or night. Lara, was right! I was hooked!

A mom can hop onto Twitter anytime day or night and connect with another mom somewhere in the world! Never before has there been anything like this, not even FaceBook. On FaceBook, I am connected to my family and friends I know in real life on my personal account, but who knows who will be on when and if they are even looking at my account or can chat with me right then and there. On Twitter I can be guaranteed if I am up working late at night, or get up early in the morning, or even wake up in the middle of the night I can connect with another mom.

Share your frustrations, your joys, your successes. Share your advice, ask questions, get feedback. I have never encountered a social media platform like Twitter. Go on give it a try. And if you a Twitter Qwitter too and you just don't get it... do as my friend Lara advised: Just give it 2 weeks for 15 minutes a day and you will meet and get to know some great moms from all over the world! And if you don't know anyone on Twitter, get to know me @TimeOutMom and I will talk to you and make it easier on you!

"Don't be a Twitter Qwitter! Be a Twitter Lover! Don't miss this opportunity to meet, connect, and get to know Moms from all over the World!"

MELISSA LIERMAN is a Wonder Woman of 39 Years, Wife of John 14 Years [middle school teacher], and Mother of 3 wonderful kids - MacKenzie Peter Age 11 [techno computer, blackberry loving, sensitive, guitar playing son], Maria Stella Age 9 [artistic and creative getting her soul filled each day at her first year at a performing arts school] , and Jonathan Roger Age 3 [lives to make you laugh and is the life of the party no matter wherever he goes!]. Melissa loves to help Moms to Maximize their Time with Systems, Tools, and Organization! Put yourself in a TimeOutMom and listen to her weekly Blog Talk Radio Show at Check out her blog for her latest tips, tricks, and systems to help with your family management.

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