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Easter Recipes and Activities: Fun Kid’s Easter Party Ideas

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Love holidays? Love kids? Okay, so we already know the answer to that second question. Then get your creative juices flowing with an awesome Easter party. Get hoppin' with these fun games, activities and food ideas for your little ones and their best buds.

Easter egg hunt Fun Kid's Easter Party Ideas

Make Unique Easter Baskets

This party activity takes a tip from nature.

You will need:

  • Dollar store natural woven Easter baskets, one for each guest
  • Hot glue gun and/or school glue
  • Area where to find and pick natural flowers and other materials


Take children on a nature hike; this can even be around your own yard if you'd like. Each child should take along a basket.

Have the children pick or take flowers, buds, leaves, berries, twigs and other natural materials and put them in their baskets. Bring the materials back to the party, where they can spread them out on an activity table.

With the school glue, they can then decorate the inside and outside of their baskets with the materials they have collected. Parents can help guests place their natural goodies into the weaving of the baskets.

Tip: A hot glue gun is a quick and very solid way of attaching stubborn pieces. Make sure ONLY YOU or another adult handles the gun, which gets very hot.

Have an Easter Hop Race

It's more fun to gather party goodies and treats if you've won them! Have guests pair up and hop like bunnies from one part of the yard to the other. Give each guest a small prize such as candy, an Easter coloring book, crayons, or a $1 gift certificate to a local kid-friendly eatery.

Count the Eggs in a Jar Contest

This is an Easter variation on a traditional party theme. Fill a clear plastic or glass jar with chocolate mini-eggs. Have guests line up to guess how many eggs they think are in the jar. The guest who comes closest wins the jar. Make the jar on the small side; guests will probably be getting plenty of candy on Easter morning, and you don't want the winner's friends to be overly jealous.

Decorate Easter Cupcakes

This food idea doubles as an activity.


  • Large pre-baked, pre-frosted but undecorated cupcakes
  • Edible cake decorations, especially Easter themed, i.e. flowers, chicks, bunnies
  • Small candies: M&Ms, chocolate or rainbow sprinkles, chopped candy bars, gummies, etc.


It couldn't really get any easier than this, yet guests will have a ball with this delicious activity. Sit guests down at the table and give each a frosted, undecorated cup cake. Now have them choose edible decorations to make a pretty, decorated cupcake. Use Easter and spring themes and colors, such as candy eggs, green coconut shavings, pink and yellow icing, and pastel jelly beans. Take pictures before guests dive in to enjoy their creations.

Make Flower Blossom Sandwiches

It's best if you make these and serve them to guests; they make a pretty presentation.


  • White or whole grain bread, enough pieces for each guest to have one sandwich (2 pieces per sandwich)
  • Peanut butter
  • Jelly
  • Flower-shaped cookie cutter
  • Small circular object to make a circle cutout inside the flower


  1. Place two pieces of bread together, one on top of the other. Press the flower-shaped cookie cutter down so it cuts through both pieces and makes two flower shapes.
  2. Take one of the pieces of bread and cut a small circle in the center of ONE of the flowers for each sandwich.
  3. Spread peanut butter (or a nut-free spread like SunButter) onto the flower shape that does not have the circular cutout. Spread jelly on top.
  4. Place the second piece of bread on top. The jelly will show through the circle like the center of a real flower.

Barnyard Animals Matchup

Make sure you play this game in an area that's safe and has lots of space, as kids will be running around.


Before the party, cut slips of paper. Write the name of a barnyard animal—cow, duck, pig, etc.—on two slips of paper. Continue with as many animals as you can think of that make easily identifiable sounds. Fold all the papers in half with the word inside. Place one of each animal identifier into a bowl, then one of each matching identifier in another bowl.

At the party, sit guests in two rows several feet apart, facing one another. Go down the first row with one of the bowls and have guests randomly choose a slip of paper each. No peeking yet! Go down the second row with the other bowl and do the same.

At the word "go!" guests open their papers, read the animal name and make the sound that animal makes. Guests must run toward the partner on the other side making the same animal's sound. The winning team gets a prize; other guests receive a smaller price (i.e. a Cadbury egg or a small plastic egg filled with jelly beans).

These fun Easter ideas focus not only on a good time but also a creative one. And that's our favorite type of party!

Will you be having an Easter Sunday party? What activities are you planning with your children?

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Chris is editor of a site featuring birthday party ideas, and he's getting ready for his annual Easter eggs hunt at Grandma's house. Because of the early spring, the neighborhood is also planning some outdoor games and activities, such as making Easter baskets and holding a hop race. For more Easter party tips, check out these ideas at his website.

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