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Luau Party: Three Cool Games Just for Kids

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Aloha kaua! (Hello to all of you!) As a writer and site owner for the party industry, I make a habit of searching seasonal, movie, and other party trends. For summer 2012, things are trending heavily (and I do mean heavily) toward Hawaiian/island themed parties. They're uber popular this year.

Hawaiian island themed parties

Woot! Nothing is more fun in the summertime than a luau party! (My daughters can testify to that; we've had more than a few of these at our house.)

Food, décor, and invitations can be found here. So today, we're going to talk about awesome party games for kids and her friends. Eat, drink, be merry...and play these fun and hilarious luau games at your child's summer party.

Three Luau Party Games Just for Kids

Traditional Limbo

Luau Party: Three Cool Games Just for Kids

If it starts out inspired and ends up hilarious, it's probably limbo. Photo by Becky Bokern

It wouldn't be a luau party without the limbo. You'll need a long pole for this and guests to hold it. I personally would just go for a pre-made limbo kit. But if you're a DIYer (and I can relate, trust me), make your own. You can buy any dowel at Home Depot, Lowe's, and similar locales.

A curtain rod works, too. Just make sure you get one that's at least four feet in length for very small children or five feet for older children.

Set up your limbo pole and stand or have two guests hold either end of the pole. Then turn on some awesome Hawaiian music. One at a time, guests try to go under the pole. Crawling is NOT allowed! (But it usually will degenerate into this, to much laughter.)

After the whole group has passed under the pole once, the pole is lowered a few inches. The idea is that as the pole lowers, players must lean farther and farther back to get underneath.

Eventually someone is bound to fall. That player is “out.” Keep playing until one player is left. He or she is dubbed King of the Luau and gets a special crown. Make your own or check out your local party store. Fun!

Coconut Bowling

This is so much fun you'll want to join in (but play fair, Mom). If you use a real coconut, things will be all the funnier.


  1. Collect two-liter soda bottles in before the party. You'll want a total of 10 bottles. If you're putting together the party last-minute, ask friends for their empty bottles. Wash all the bottles well.
  2. Buy some inexpensive lengths of rafia at your local crafts store. If you can't find any, cut lengths of green paper and then cut upward to within 1/4” of the top to make “grass.” Glue your "grass" paper around your bottles as “grass skirts.”
  3. Fill the bottles with about 3/4” of sand so they won't fall over until they're knocked over.
  4. Buy a coconut—leave it “hairy"—and use it as the ball. For some reason, this always adds a hilarity factor among children, so I highly suggest it. But if you can't find a coconut, use any ball and call it the “coconut.”
  5. Line guests up. Each guest gets two tries at rolling the coconut and knocking over the pins. The winner receives a small prize, such as a gift certificate to your local smoothie place.

Hands-Free Hula Hoop Pass

This is actually fun at almost any kind of party, but it's spot-on for a luau celebration.

Separate party guests into two equal teams. Have guests in each team hold hands, forming two lines. At a signal, the first person in each of the two lines picks up a hula hoop and passes it over the head and onto the shoulders of the guest next to him.

From here on out, each guest must pass the hula hoop on...without letting go of his teammates' hands. Team members must wriggle the hula hoop on with the use of the head, shoulders, and possibly elbows. The giggles are their own reward, but give a small treat to each member on both teams for playing.

Don't forget to have the guest of honor say “mahalo” (thank you) and “a hui kaua” (until we meet again) to each friend at the end of the party. (Go here for more fun Hawaiian expressions to teach guests.) Aloha oe!

What are some other fun kid-friendly activities/games to play at summertime parties?

Featured image courtesy of Flickr.

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Chris's eldest daughter (5) knows that the word "Hawaii" equals a fun, sunny destination, even if she's not quite sure where it is. With the hot weather this summer and a couple tiki torches haunting his garage from last year, it's definitely time for another luau party. You can visit Chris on his Facebook page - drop by and say aloha!


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