Mother Daughter Relationships: How To Maintain a Strong Relationship With Your Mom


Relationships—What defines a mother daughter relationship? A mother daughter relationship changes as the two move through different stages of life. A mother begins a relationship with her daughter as disciplinarian and caregiver. She gives so much of her time teaching, encouraging, and raising her daughter to be a young lady with laughs and perhaps a few tears. As her daughter matures it is sometimes difficult for a mother to accept that her daughter no longer needs her to “mother” her. The relationship begins to transition into more of a friendship. Both mother and daughter will be surprised at the changes and improvement. Your mom will always be your biggest fan but you will gain a friend as well.

Your mom will always be your mom. She raised you and loves you. Your mom will be there for when you are sick and need someone to keep the kids or to give you advice when you feel stretched to the max. Moms are great to call for a recipe from your childhood. Just remember, when you feel like she is giving too much, she was a mother, your mother, first.

Spend time with your mom. Let your mom know she is important to you by making time for her. Planning monthly girls time will help you stay connected and make your relationship stronger. It can be as simple as going for a walk or having lunch but a weekend trip is a great way to strengthen the bond between mother and daughter.

Your mom can be your best friend. When we were kids, we thought our moms did not know anything about what we were going through. Now that we are grown and maybe mothers ourselves, we realize our moms are much smarter and wiser than we gave them credit for. Being friends with your mom is one of the best relationships you will ever have.

What is your relationship like with your mom? What can you do to make sure your relationship with your mom is strong and healthy?

Robin Greene is a mother of two and a kindergarten teacher. During her spare time Robin enjoys spending time with her family, participating in church activities and freelance writing for My Baby Clothes.  With Fall upon us your little one is sure to need some new baby clothes, maybe even a beautiful baby headband or a comfy baby hat to keep that little head warm.

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