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Photography: Taking the Perfect Family Photo

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Photography—Getting the perfect family portrait is a hard task. You have to figure out your location, what everyone is going to wear, and the style that you want. By the time everyone is dressed and at the location, they’re grumpy and stubborn.

Family portrait

Despite these aspects, family portraits are passed on for generations and are great keepsakes for memories of ages, styles, and personality. Remember a picture is worth a thousand words. So how do you get them to look absolutely perfect? At a recent MomItForward Twitter #gno party, sponsored by Dunkin' Donuts, Tweeters gave us their tips.

6 Tips for the Perfect Family Photo

  • Find a good background. @busyVAmom and other Tweeters agree that taking pictures outside with natural light is best. Plus there are perfect backgrounds in every season! “Natural light is so important to beautiful photographs. It lets personality shine through,” said @SarahWCaron. @4everbeck said, “I have loved taking lots of pictures of my kids in the pool this summer. The water makes a great backdrop.” @sweetmatcha recommends the ocean as a great background. Also be sure you are dressed accordingly. @FoodforMyFamily gave great tips to keep your clothing simple by using solid colors and avoiding bold patterns that draw attention away from your face.
  • Set up the camera accordingly. @FosterAdoption suggested a longer lens so you can stay further away. Be sure to keep the camera still if you want a clear photo. @FoodforMyFamily suggested propping your camera on a table or if you’re going out, @sweetmatcha recommended getting a tripod.
  • Create a fun atmosphere to keep the kids happy and cooperative. “Try to make it casual,” said @dreamfishing2. @ktandbri suggested fun locations, keeping everyone in good spirits and including plenty of down time. “Count to three but take it on two because by the time you get to three, the kids are done sitting still!” suggested @themommyfiles.
  • Capture everyone at their best. “Always allow one silly or crazy shot first. It lightens the mood!” said @FosterAdoption. Making sure everyone is in a good mood is important; @TuesdayGirl tipped taking your pictures in the morning before the kids get cranky. Consider getting someone the kids know or are comfortable with to take the pictures, they’ll act more like themselves advised @Lizinka2001.
  • Try candid shots. “It’ll come out good if everyone is having fun, so take candid pictures that look genuine instead of just posing,” said @ana_oliva1. A good way to do this is to get a camera that takes a lot of rapid shots and keep taking them, a tip from @denimorse. “Capture family members in the moment. Catch smiles, grumpiness, and laughter!” said @HowToSimplify.
  • “Don’t make it perfect,” said @dreamfishing2. @NatashaaaaXD's family dresses up in weird stuff and then sets the timer! @SarahWCaron suggested keeping it natural. “Some of our best family photos were spur of the moment shots all together.”

Whether you are taking the photos yourself or hiring a professional, your next family photo session will be absolutely perfect. Just stay refreshed and make it fun! Your pictures will benefit from it.

How do you capture the perfect shot of your family? What keeps your kids' attention?

Main image courtesy of Flickr.

Feature image courtesy of Flickr.


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