Puzzle Piece Christmas Ornaments


Puzzle pieces, broken crayons, and Legos are usually the little things that are found on the floor in our playroom. This year for Christmas, I found an adorable way to use all those puzzles you have missing pieces loose in the house or all those pieces you have found that you don't know what puzzle they go to. I decided to make puzzle piece Christmas ornaments.

Puzzle Piece Christmas Ornaments

We make Christmas crafts and ornaments every year. This year I was really unsure of what to do with the kids and what ornament I wanted to make. As I was cleaning out our playroom for a yard sale we were having I found about 150 mixed up puzzle pieces, some in the Barbies, a few in the Legos, and oh look more in the Hot Wheels. Last year my daughter came home with a puzzle piece picture gram they had made at school, I immediately thought about that frame and that was my idea for puzzle ornaments. I knew my kids would love to paint and make them.

Puzzle Piece Christmas Ornaments

Items Needed

  • Glue (I recommend a heavy glue such as tacky glue, hot glue, etc.)
  • Paint brushes
  • Puzzle pieces
  • Ribbon
  • Tempera paint (you can use any kind, I got this for $1.99 at Hobby Lobby and they are big bottles that can be used all the time)
  • Extras items such as jingle bells or puff paint to decorate the wreaths.


Choose what you are going to make with your ornaments and lay them out to make sure you have enough and the design is how you wanted. You can make just about anything: A Christmas tree, snowman, reindeer, wreath, candy cane, snowflake, or a special design of your own. My son picked the candy cane and my daughter the snowflake. We laid our design out to make sure it was like we wanted and began painting them. It took several coats but the tempera paint dries quickly. Once painted and dried we glued them together and added our ribbon to make the hanger for the ornament. Once it was good and dry we had the kids add it to our tree! We had so much fun doing these we decided to do a few more to give to grandma and send to our family out of town.

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This is a great and easy craft to do with the kids that will make your Christmas one to remember.

What Christmas keepsakes have you made?

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