Reigniting the Flame in Your Relationship: Loving Rituals


This week in our Reigniting the Flame series, Dr. Matt Townsend talks – in his totally funny way - about the importance of creating “rituals” with your spouse. Research shows that couples that have traditions and rituals to show love to one another last longer than couple who do not. Don’t worry, these rituals don’t have to be elaborate. Matt suggests ways to create little rituals you and your partner can do regularly to maintain intimacy. Check it out:


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What are some rituals that you and your spouse have together?

Matt_Townsend_Head_Shot For over 18 years, Matt Townsend has been energizing and involving audiences with his unique approach to building and maintaining successful personal and business relationships. Matt has the perfect mix of cutting edge research in communication and human relationships combined with the skill of a top-notch humorist. This blend ensures that audiences are entertained as well as enlightened and leave with practical information that can be immediately applied to their life.

Matt earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Communication as well as a master’s degree in Human Development and recently received his doctoral degree in Human Development. He is the host of KSL News Radio’s weekly broadcast of The Matt Townsend Show heard on Saturday morning at 11:00 the daily on Sirius/XM Channel 143 BYU Radio (link to podcasts on iTunes is

More info on Matt can be found at his website at Like on Facebook at, follow him on Twitter @DrMattTweets.

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