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Every morning, we go through the same “get readyroutine, usually doing so using the same tricks and often at super speed. At a Mom It Forward Twitter #gno party a few weeks ago, sponsored by Gillette and Dollar General, Tweeters shared that their routines change according to the day and their activities for the day. Some spent more time getting ready on the weekends, while others chose to take it easy on the weekends. Regardless, they all revealed their “getting ready” techniques as well as great tips for getting the closest shave.

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How to Get the Smoothest Shave:

  • Invest in a good razor. @HowToSimplify said a good razor is key to a good shave. “Make sure you have fresh blades,” said @MarcusGeeter. “It’s the most neglected step in getting a smooth, close shave.”
  • Cleanse. “Always use a clean shaver for a clean shave,” said @LobatoVicky. @MarcusGeeter advised cleaning the shaving area before you shave. “This makes a huge difference in how close of a shave you get,” he said.
  • Open your pores. To get the closest shave you need to get as close to the root as possible. @sweetmatcha likes shaving while showering, while @St4ceyNicole prefers shaving after showing. Whichever it be, make sure your pores are awakened in the heat and especially don’t shave when you’re cold, a tip from @RmtSweeps.
  • Exfoliate. “Nothing is worse than shaving over ingrown hairs, dead skin,” said @JeanetteElb calling it a “rash recipe.” Be sure to use a scrub before you shave for super soft results according to @St4ceyNicole.
  • Use shaving cream. “Lotion and soap are not as effective,” said @JazzyTJan. Some of our Tweeters, including @Lizinka2001, suggested conditioner as an effective replacement to shaving cream.
  • Direct. You are in control of your shave. @redfuzzycow suggested shaving with the grain and then against it. Cari from @MomItForward suggested shaving in all directions! “It takes a long time but you don’t miss spots,” she said. “For less irritation, shave in the direction your hair grows,” tipped @MarcusGeeter.
  • Moisturize. @fowler121600 suggested applying lotion while you’re still damp, right out of the shower. “Wrap up your shaving routine by applying a moisturizer that has Vitamin E, aloe, and sunscreen to protect your skin,” said @MarcusGeeter.
  • Oil up. @HowToSimplify uses baby oil for a silky smooth finish. Other oils can work as well. @savings_steward uses Kukui oil to nourish her skin after shaving. “Helps cut down on irritation and keeps me soft!” she said.

Top Grooming Tips from Our Tweeters:

  • Exfoliate! Many Tweeters, including @fowler121600 and @JeanetteElb, suggested exfoliating and hydrating to keep your skin healthy and soft. Cari from @MomItForward uses a baking soda paste/wash on her face to exfoliate. “Super cheap,” she said.
  • Hair-Do. “A cute ponytail goes a long way! Plus, it's fun to create new ways to wear your hair!” said @HowToSimplify. “Grooming tip I didn’t think I’d like but do? Hair treatments … like hot oil,” said @jylmomIF.
  • Listen to music. “I make it fun by listening to music and singing!” said @Tiff_Nichole89. Other Tweeters, too, suggested music as the best way to make getting ready fun. “Sometimes I turn on some peppy music to get my morning started!” said @savingpennies7.
  • Prep before.@redfuzzycow suggested trying to do anything you can the night before, so you don’t need to spend as much time in the morning. “Like shaving legs!” she said.
  • Save on your products. Grooming essentials can be expensive; our Tweeters suggested using coupons. “I buy lots of my products from drug stores or the grocery store with coupons!” said @savings_steward. “Haven’t paid for most of them in years.” @tamingtassie suggested checking clearance first, waiting for coupons and sales, and then stocking up. @mellanhead also suggested keeping a stash so you always have necessities at hand.
  • Teach your kids the importance of good grooming habits. “Set the example!” said @savings_steward. “My girls love to watch mama and dada get ready!” @cammiLH said to teach them while they’re young and “remind them until it becomes a habit for them.” Consider getting ready along with your kids to show them how it is done. “My toddler and I brush our teeth together in AM and PM, he thinks it’s so fun!” said @JeanetteElb. @JazzyTJan suggested letting them pick out their own grooming items.

What are some things you do to get ready efficiently and with a little pizzazz?

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