Family: The Importance of Mother-Son Relationships


Parenting—When you are a mom all of your children are special, son or daughter, first or last. Each holds a special place in your heart but in a very different way. My son and daughter are polar opposites, thank goodness! It would be a bit boring and mundane to have two kids who thought and acted just alike.

Now that my son is half way through high school and I near the end of my time with my son I reflect on the years I have spent with him and how special each moment has been. He is not the stereo typical “mamma's boy” but he is my boy and always has been. My daughter is her daddy’s girl. Sure there have been times when I wanted to just scream but the good memories are much greater than any trouble he has ever given us (even though we had to chase him down several times a week when it was time to leave his grandparent's house).

The thing I loved most about him was from the time he was born he was a snuggler and still is at times. When he got old enough he would climb up beside me and hold my ear and we would read a book or sing a song. He loved to play and run, no doubt he was all boy from the beginning.  He loved to give a hand to whatever chore was being done. He was my sweet boy!

He grew and grew and is still growing, all 6’4’’ of him! He has changed and matured like I knew he must. His voice is deep and feet are big. He wants to make more adult choices and we allow him to grow by doing so. We have watched him make a few mistakes but for the most part he is an exceptional young man. He loves the Lord and stands up for his beliefs.

My point is, sons are special! The first time he puts his tiny fingers around yours you will be forever hooked! There are a few things I think have been important for my relationship with my son.

  • Be a listener. He just wants to be heard.
  • Keep the conversation door open. There is not much my son will not share with me. We can talk about everything.
  • Spend time with him and play. Make time for memories.
  • Let him snuggle even when he’s big.
  • Let him make mistakes and be there to help him dust off when he has learned his  lesson.

For new moms it may seem like the day will never end as you have chased your little monster around for the 100th time but in the blink of an eye he will be grown leaving you wondering where the time went. Give him a hug and tell him you love him every chance you get!

What do you love most about your son? How have you developed a strong mother-son relationship with your son?

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Robin Greene cherishes her time with her family and is thrilled to get to share her relationship with her son with you. Robin is a kindergarten teacher and freelance writer for With the holidays right around the corner make sure to stop by their Holiday Shop and find the most unique baby clothes, beautiful tutus with matching baby headbands and baby hats to keep your little bundle of joy warm.

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