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My favorite holidays for fun food are Halloween and Christmas. We went to the Mom It Forward community and asked them to share some of their favorite Halloween recipes with us. What would this holiday be without candy corns, and popcorn. We have several sweet treats and some fun appetizer and dinner recipes to share as well. If you have fun plans for a Halloween party, take a look at these fun posts for some yummy ideas.

Halloween Recipe Collage1

Halloween Candy Corn Sugar Cookie Recipe by Moms Review 4 You

Nothing says Halloween like candy corns. This fun cookie recipe uses the unique shape of a candy corn as a cookie. Check it out here.

Candy Corn


Pumpkin Icebox Cake by Phemomenon

Nutella is all the rage right now. Here is a delicious recipe for your next Halloween get together.

Pumpkin Ice Box Cake


Pumpkin Treats by Cupcake Diaries

This looks like a fun recipe to serve at a party. Learn how to make it here.


Caramel Apple Popcorn by Cookies and Cups via Dandelion Moms

This looks like a yummy treat to serve during the holidays. Learn how to make it here.

carmel popcorn


Crescent Mummy Dogs by A Cowboys Wife

These little guys would be fun for any party. Learn how to make them here.

mummy dogs

Spider Cheeseballs by Mom Endeavors 

Now this would be a delicious appetizer for your next Halloween party. Learn how to make it here.



Bubbling Swamp Slime by Mom Endeavors

Here is a fun drink you can serve in a Halloween witch's cauldron.

bubbling swamp drink


Chex Puppy Chow Recipe by Mom Luck

This super simple recipe is a holiday favorite. Here is a fun way to use it during Halloween time.

Puppychow dessert

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies by Making the World Cuter

This is an all time favorite during the month of October. Learn how to make these yummy cookies here.

Pumpkin Choc Cookies

Bat Pops by Mom Endeavors

These look so cute and look easy to make. Learn how to create this fun treat here. 


Spooky Spaghetti With Eyeballs Recipe by Make Life Lovely

I love serving eyeballs for dinner. Especially when they are made out of yummy eggs. Check out this festive Halloween recipe here.

Spooky Spaghetti with Eyeballs Halloween Pasta Recipe, by Make Life Lovely #shop

Dinner in a pumpkin by Housewife Eclectic

Halloween Witches Brooms by A Cowboys Wife

witches brooms

Here is a fun cookie shaped as a broom. So cute.

I have always wanted to make something editable in a pumpkin. This recipe looks like a good one to try.

Dinner in a pupkin

Trick or Treat Brownie Recipe by Moms Review 4 You

Wondering what to do with all your leftover Halloween candy, here is a fun brownie recipe to try.

Trick or Treat Brownie

Veggie Tray Pumpkin by Mom Endeavors

This is a great way to get in a little veggies during Trick or Treat time. Learn more here.


Pumpkin Steamers by Making the World Cuter

When the temperature starts cooling, bring on the hot chocolate. Here is a fun pumpkin flavored drink.

pumpkin steamer

Pumpkin Nutella Muffins by Phemomenon

Here is delicious recipe using pumpkin. Check out this super delicious recipe right here.

Nutella Muffins

Pumpkin Dream Cake by The Novice Chef via Dandelion Moms

This recipe looks heavenly. Learn how to make this dream of a cake here.


Spiderweb snacks by Mom Endeavors

This looks like a yummy treat. The saltiness of the pretzel and the sweet from the drizzled chocolate. Learn how to make them here.


Easy Marshmallow Popcorn Balls by Sweeties Freebies

You can shape a popcorn ball into anything you want. How about making it into a spider. Learn how here.


We hope you enjoy these recipes as much as we did. Happy Halloween!

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