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I feel pretty comfortable admitting that I’m a tech savvy mom. I instinctively know how to use new tools, people come to me for what I think are basic tech issues, and new apps and gadgets get my heart pumping faster than flowers and a romantic dinner.

But when it came to the new Timeline on Facebook, I just didn’t get it. So I did some research, played around with it, and watched some easy to understand videos.

Facebook Timeline

Here’s my at-a-glance summary…

Where To Start

To convert your Facebook profile to Timeline go to and click Get Timeline.

Virtual Scrapbook

It's time to start thinking about Facebook as your life's chronological scrapbook (makes me wonder if I should start Facebook accounts for my little ones).

7 Days

You have 7 days to play and edit your Timeline before it is public. This gives you a chance to add or hide information, posts, events, and photos. You can even to go your birth date and add a very first baby photo. Your Timeline will automatically go live after 7 days or you can immediately publish your Timeline using the Publish Now button.

Take a Tour

If you are as confused as I was, I strongly recommend taking the Timeline tour (which you’ll only find after you convert your profile page to Timeline).

Cover Photo

The first thing Facebook suggests you do is create a cover, which is a large picture that appears above your profile picture. Facebook suggests selecting a picture that represents your life (no pressure there). And similar to your profile picture, you can change it often. Have fun with it. Be creative.

Everything In One Place Bar

Below your cover photo is where you can view everything about yourself (friends, information, photos, Likes, apps, etc). This has basically replaced your old Facebook Info page.


I’m still trying to wrap my mind around apps and how they sync with your Facebook Timeline. Here’s the best Apps on Facebook video on the subject.

Two Pane Layout

Information about your life is chronologically displayed from left to write, starting w/ your most recent status, photo, place, or life event. In the center of the two pane layout is the new vertical navigation bar. I find this totally different layout confusing and finicky, but am hoping to embrace it once I start using it more.


One of the biggest buzz concerns related to Timeline is privacy. Be sure to protect your Facebook Timeline privacy within the first 7 days of launching Timeline. You cannot change Facebook’s privacy policy, but you can control your privacy settings so you can continue using Facebook with privacy settings that feel good to you.


Have your published your Facebook Timeline? Do you love it or are you still confused?

stacey hoffer weckstein Stacey Hoffer Weckstein is the CEO of Inspiring Social Media and loves to combine her social media and personal growth passions by helping inspiring transformational teachers, authors, and life coaches leverage the power of social media to meet their spiritual, personal, and business goals. When she’s not helping her clients live their dreams, raising her two boys, building her business or trying to figure out yoga & meditation, she’s a lifestyle blogger over at,, ChicagoSpaMoms, and

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