Study Habits: 5 Tips for Doing Homework


Is your child having a hard time getting assignments done and focusing on homework? Here are five new tips to help you get your child into good study habits. For more tips, check out this post from Joe Shervell.

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5 Study Habits for Kids


Listen to Music

Try to turn off distracting noises such as the TV but encourage some continuous background noise such as music. Complete silence often lulls the brain to sleep.

Have a Snack

Kids are often hungry right after school. Let them take a quick break before jumping into more school work and eliminate such distractions as hunger. Remember food for the body is food for the brain so eat healthy!

Get the Wiggles Out

Take 15 minutes of exercise before studying; getting the blood flowing throughout your body also helps your brain get moving as well.

Stay Nearby

It is good for your children to know that you support their efforts to get their assignments done. Stay nearby and available for them to come to you for questions or help quiz them on upcoming tests. Go over their work with them at the end so they corrections can be made.

Take Breaks

Set the timer for every 30 minutes. Study really hard, and then when the timer goes off, take a break. Let your kids play on the computer or play outside for 5-10 minutes. This will help them to be able to focus and get more done when they are in the study mode.


How do your kids like to study?

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