The Top 7 Mistakes on Twitter Profiles

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A profile is your landing page on Twitter, where you end up when you click on "View Full Profile." When you log into your Twitter account, click on "Profile" at the top to see what everyone else sees. What does this snapshot say about you? Here are the top 7 mistakes and some quick fixes you can make to create a better impact on Twitter.

1. Logo as Profile Picture
People connect with people, not logos. Your logo doesn't mean anything to me, even if it's a gorgeous avatar. It doesn't build connections or make you seem real.

2. Location as the "World or Online"
Even in social media, people make connections with you based upon where you live. So, if your profile actually says that you lived in Ann Arbor Michigan, where the University of Michigan resides, do you think this could bring about conversations and connections? The more specific the better! Type out your full city and state or city, province, and "Canada."

3. Links Going to Nowhere or No Link
Put a link to your website or blog in the link area. You can even change what page you send them to each week or eac day of a promo. This field should not be left empty. Advanced Tip: If you are super savvy, turn your link into a shortened link and track how many people click through on your website everyday.

4. A Twitter Bio that Doesn't Share About You or What You Do
You have 160 characters to play with for your bio. Tell me something personal first, like your hobbies or interests, then what you do as a business next. Third, tell me what makes your business special. This will help me connect with you as a person.

5. Never changing your Twitter Bio or Profile
Life changes. Business changes. Update your Twitter Bio! Here's my bio of the week right now: ♥Momof3.Kids12.9.3.Woman39.BeginningRunner.♥ Mommy Blogger helping Moms to Maximize their Time. Social Media Manager+Consultant for @MomItForward

6. All Business All the Time
There is no bigger turn-off in social media than someone only talking about and promoting their business. This is not what social media is about. It is not a place for you to keep pushing your message until someone buys. Social media is about making connections, getting engaged, and giving people a chance to know, like, and trust you. Purchasing comes after that.

7. All Personal all the Time
Some people worry that about talking too much about their blog or their business. You can get over it easily by beginning to talk indirectly about the baby products you have or the gorgeous necklaces you make. Express your  excitement about a new color or getting your first order. You're not saying "buy this" outright, but at least you're talking about your business occasionally.

In a future post, I will define content marketing and talk specifically about what to tweet and how to find your target market on Twitter. For now, look over your profile in the next 24 hours and make some changes and adjustments. Ask a fellow blogger to look at your profile and tell you what they think it says about you.

Melissa Lierman loves Social Media and travels across the United States and Canada speaking and training on Social Media. She specializes in doing workshops on Social Media for Business. The online world is constantly changing and growing and Melissa has found it to be THE single most powerful and wonderful place for making friends, meeting moms, and connecting with clients all over the world! Melissa is a night owl and you can often find her tweeting on twitter late into the night – send her a tweet and say hello

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