Dockers Helps Put an End to Domestic Violence


Domestic Violence—One year after a woman named Shanna started dating a man named Sam, she realized something was horribly wrong. What at first seemed like great qualities in him, like "leadership" and "willingness to help," revealed themselves as control, as he did things like cleaning out her kitchen cupboards without being asked and stopping by her work unannounced to solve a conflict with a co-worker. He raged at her when she didn't pay the discount price on a soda. He even proclaimed ownership of her breasts. Shanna realized soon after that there was not one woman in his life that he respected, not even his mother, and that he never accepted blame for any of his tirades or extreme behavior. Though her self-esteem was in the gutter, she eventually got up the courage to leave him.

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It is because of stories like this (the full version of which you can find here) that organizations like Futures Without Violence and Give Respect exist. It is a sad, sad truth that the need for them exists, but it does, and they are doing something about it. And right now, so is Dockers. Actually, during what they call the "Month of Respect," from Mother's Day to Father's Day 2011, they are leading an awareness campaign by teaming up with the RESPECT! campaign, which is an initiative of Futures Without Violence. to support abuse prevention and promote healthy relationships.

Along with a $25,000 donation to the RESPECT! campaign, which works towards helping boys become the thoughtful and respectful men of tomorrow, Dockers helped create an informational video about the program. In part, the video honors the positive impact that moms, dads, coaches, and other influential mentors have in helping boys and girls form healthy relationships and develop into responsible adults. They want people to view the video, at, and take the RESPECT! pledge, a public statement renouncing relationship abuse.

These actions may seem superfluous to some, especially to engaged parents who proactively school their children in appropriate moral behavior.  But it is important, nevertheless, to define what that appropriate moral behavior is, and some times, perhaps more importantly with older children, it is to define what it is not. Abuse can creep into a life so stealthily, even benignly, and it is important that our children, both boys and girls, are armed with healthy self-esteems and good moral lexicons.

Dockers will also be making grants from proceeds of their "Games That Give" Facebook game and to various Facebook users as part of their own Wear the Pants Man Grants contest, which focuses on respect, family, and community. "The Dockers brand has always encouraged men to be proactive about matters revolving around responsibility," said Jennifer Sey, Senior Vice President of Dockers Global Marketing. "The combined effort of Dockers and the RESPECT! campaign will inspire men to step up and use their influence in a positive way."


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