The Art of an Egg: Tips for Cooking with Eggs

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Cooking an egg sounds like one of the easiest tasks in the kitchen, but when it comes down to it, cooking the perfect egg is an art. In fact, it is an art that many struggle with and, once accomplished, is hard to repeat. Eggs are not always eaten alone fried, boiled, or poached, but are also called for in many of our everyday recipes. The quality and presentation of your entire dish can be determined by the state of your egg.


The art of the egg can be perfected with patience, persistence, and these tips given by Tweeters at a recent MomItForward Twitter #gno party, sponsored by Eggland’s Best.

How to Cook the Perfect Egg

What part of your egg cookery could use a few pointers?


Okay, how long can eggs really last? @EgglandsBest suggests that eggs can be used up to 30 days past the sell-by date. @fowler121600 and other tweeters gave a test to check if eggs are still good. Put the egg in water, if it sinks it is a fresh egg and if it floats to the top, it is bad and you should throw it away.


The temperature of your egg can mean a lot when cooking and storing. “Don’t let eggs sit out and get too warm or cooked eggs sit out over two hours,” suggested @AnnsTipToes. @Serene_streams advised storing your eggs in the back of your fridge where it is cooler, instead of your fridge door. Keep your eggs fresh by keeping them cool. @ADDhousewife’s best cooking tip, “Follow the recipe. If it says eggs at room temperature, eggs NEED to be at room temperature.”


Every time you crack an eggm there are shells in the bowl, try to dig them out but they just get buried beneath the sugar. “Crack eggs flat onto the bowl, not diagonally, to help prevent shell from getting into the bowl,” tipped @meghanflynnpr. But mistakes happen, “If shell gets in with your eggs, use the shell to fish it out—it’s like a magnet! Works every time!” said @PheMom.

Cooking or Baking

The first step when using eggs should be to crack the egg into a separate bowl, a tip from @SarahWCaron and other tweeters. This prevents having to search for egg shells as well as prevents ruining a batter due to a bad egg.


Make the perfect poached egg by adding vinegar to the water, suggested @sweetmatcha. The vinegar helps the egg stay in one place. “Works like a charm!”


Everyone boils their eggs differently. @MommaYoung places eggs in a pot with water and salt, brings it to a boil, turns off heat and lets it sit. “Perfectly cooked egg,” she said. @AnAppleADayRD on the other hand suggested not boiling but simmering only for 15 minutes total to prevent a gray sulfur ring around the yolk.


Having a hard time getting the shell off of your hard boiled eggs? Use up your old ones. Sounds funny that something is actually better when it’s not fresh but @melindadale, along with other tweeters, suggested using your “older” eggs so they peel easier. @EgglandsBest gave an explanation for this trick, confirming it to be true.


Salt to taste, of course, but when? @LizTicona suggested putting salt in while cooking the egg, not after. “I sprinkle salt on the pan when frying so the egg doesn’t stick!” said @TrendyGirlie.


Twitter Screenshot from @mom4everandever "eggs are eggs- do not let them rule you- crack them open and get the power "

Do you have any other egg tips that help you make the perfect egg?

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