Education: 9 Tips to Improve Spelling Scores


Learning—trying to improve spelling scores can start to be tedious and useless when the only technique a child uses is to write the words over and over and over again. As they are doing their homework, children's minds starts to block the words and their hands are simply doing a motion. This doesn't benefit their education or their confidence.

Magnetic letters

9 Tips to Improve Spelling Skills

Here are some ideas to change up spelling study time:

  1. Encourage reading so your kids can see the arrangements of letters in all sorts of words.
  2. Write the words using different tools such as shaving cream, magnetic letters, letters made from arranged popsicle sticks, letter stamps, letter di-cuts, and finger paint.
  3. Go outside and scratch the words into dirt or snow.
  4. Have your kids cut out letters in the order of the word being spelled.
  5. Make word searches and crossword puzzles with the spelling words.
  6. Set the words and their spelling to a song or chant.
  7. Say silent letters as part of the word. For example when saying the word “beautiful” say “Be- A- U- tiful”.
  8. Have your kids correct their own words so they can visually see what the word is supposed to look like and what they are missing.
  9. Use an online quizzing site like, which allows the parent or the child to add spelling words and then be quizzed by enabling the audio tool.

Try to mix learning with creativity and a child’s mind with soak it up. A mind can handle staring at a white sheet of paper for only so long. Plus, spelling words need to be known not just memorized.

What tips do you have that have worked for your children when learning how to spell?

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