Tips to Enjoying a Safer, Greener Halloween

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Want a safer, greener, or healthier Halloween? Maybe you're worried about chemicals that may be found in toys. Maybe you don’t like the additives and preservatives in some candies. Or maybe you just want to work towards a more natural way of living. Whatever your reason, here are some tips for a better Halloween season.

Halloween Bags

You don’t have to buy anything new! Cut down on cost and waste by using cloth or canvas bags, or even pillowcases, that you probably already have in your home. Your children can decorate them with fabric paint, markers, or even just stickers that you can take off later.  These types of bags are usually more durable and hold more goodies.

Etsy is a fabulous place to shop around for Eco-Friendly Halloween bags. Several vendors offer products made with organic cotton. Purchasing their bags benefits the environments AND helps out small businesses. I adore Etsy!

Trick or Treat

Looking for a healthy organic treat that uses little plastic and lots of biodegradable packaging? Go to your local health food store or online health store. More and more options are showing up every single year. Also, keep your eye out for Fair Trade options, to support an even better cause.

I love to support local business as much as I can. You can pick up things like root beer or apple cider in kid-size-containers from local farms or farmers' markets.

Lastly, did you know that millions of pounds of pumpkin waste are dumped in landfills each year, but they don’t break down properly  because of a lack of oxygen. It’s much better to compost your pumpkin after Halloween. If you don’t compost, ask around and see if a family member, neighbor, or friend does. I would welcome any pumpkins to my compost bins in the backyard!

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