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World Water Day

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Ever wonder where your clean drinking water comes from? Ever wonder what your life would be like if you didn’t have clean water? Many people around the world don’t have such a luxury. There are multiple water companies that help supply clean water to other countries.

In this upcoming year World Water Day will celebrate its 10th year of raising awareness about clean drinking water in developing countries. The United Nations created World Water Day to raise awareness about how water affects our everyday lives and to encourage the responsible use of clean water.

It’s important for everyone to have access to clean water for basic sanitation, drinking, and food and agriculture production. Over 4,000 children die every day in developing countries from contracting illnesses and diseases due to unsafe drinking water. It is important to raise awareness on these issues so that more action will be taken to fix the problem.

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Organizations That Help

Here a few organizations that are working to make a difference:

PUR Water and Children’s Safe Drinking Water

Two organizations that work together to supply more global clean water are PUR Water and Children’s Safe Drinking Water. PUR Water provides funding for clean drinking water abroad through an ongoing partnership with Procter & Gamble’s Children’s Safe Drinking Water (CSDW) program. PUR donated $100,000 to CSDW in 2012. That funding was made possible in part by American residents purchasing PUR products. With the continuation of product purchase more clean water can be distributed to countries that need it.

Have you ever purchased PUR products? You should start to help the cause!

People Water

People Water is a company that is based on the idea that people help other people the most when the process to do so is easy.  They have started the Drop for Drop campaign where people who are fortunate to have water can give to people who currently are in need. People Water does this by supplying their bottled water to countries where clean water is abundant. Once these bottles are purchased, some of the money is used to bring clean water to areas in the world that are in need of it. People Water is also a very planet-friendly organization. They help people through their eco-friendly plastic bottles that are both fully recyclable and made from recycled plastics.

Here are a few examples of past People Water projects:

For World Water Day (March 22) People Water wanted to do something that will have a huge impact on the World Water Crisis. People Water will be donating 100% of the proceeds from their online store to their charity partner, Let it Flow, to help areas in the world that are in dire need of clean water.

So what are you doing today? Go buy some People Water and help bring clean water to people who need it worldwide!


Aveda has raised over $26 million since 1999 with more than $20 million of that for clean water projects. Aveda will do two specific things on World Water Day to help make an even bigger difference.

Light the Way Earth Month Candle

This limited-edition candle is made with organic vanilla and cinnamon ylang-ylang grown in Madagascar. The purchase of this candle will raise money for clean water projects around the globe. The candle’s smell can be 100 percent attributed to certified organic ingredients, demonstrating Aveda’s commitment to organics and the protection of clean water. 100 percent of the Light the Way Earth Month Candle will be donated to the Global Greengrants Fund.

Aveda Light the way candle

Need a new candle? Go buy one to help the cause!

Global 24-hour cut-a-thon on World Water Day (April 22)

Aveda hair stylists in salons worldwide will be participating in a global 24-hour cut-a-thon on World Water Day. They are offering their time to provide haircuts and other salon services in return for donations to Earth Month and World Water Day. Aveda aims to set a new Guinness World Record for the most money raised for a charity by haircuts in a 24-hour period.

 There are so many ways for you to help make a difference on World Water Day without even leaving your town, and some things you can do without even leaving your house! I challenge you to do at least one thing to help the global clean water cause today.


Links to pictures: Water in hands, Aveda Light the Way Candle

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