3 Ways to Overcome Self Hate and Build Confidence


I had always had image and self-confidence issues growing up.  I was skinny, not at all curvy and made fun of for various reasons.  These issues resulted in a self-conscious young adult who sought praise and validity in outside factors, mainly other people, to believe she was good enough.  I could barely look others in the eye as I felt everyone was superior to me.  I never felt good enough.  After experiencing betrayal, hurt and weight gain, even more so than ever.  I had hit rock bottom.

Build confidence

One day, as I sat on my couch in uncontrollable tears, my daughter looked at me straight in the eye and said, “It will be okay mommy.”  My daughter was probably around 3 years old at the time.  I didn’t realize that she could be so compassionate.  But it was in that moment, as I looked at her, I knew I had to make a change.  Not only for me, but for her…my family.  One thing I would always tell her to feed her confidence was “the sky is the limit little lady”.  I realized I needed to be an example of self-love to her and my son.

3 Ways To Overcome Self Hate And Build Confidence

Know that you are worth all the things you desire instead of just desiring those things

We often times want so many things for our lives. Whether  it is to lose weight, have awesome relationships or nice things, we want and therefore we believe we need it.  We see other people with certain things and we want it as well.  When you start believing in your self-worth, then everything falls into place.  I had to start believing that I am worth and deserving of a healthy lifestyle, relationships and nice things.  When I started doing that, I started to eat right, exercise and making better choices in life

Realize the most important thing in this world is doing good, not looking good

In the past, I would be constantly comparing myself to others and what I saw in the media.  It was driving me CRAZY!  Yes, it was exhausting.  But as I mature and learn more about this world, I realize how BEING a better person looks so much better than just looking like it.  We know that looks fade, and that doing good and being better, will always be a better attribute.  Doing good is food for your soul, and you will unquestionably feel better about yourself as well.

Believe that no matter how bad people treat you, YOU will remain YOU

Life is hard.  That is definitely not a lie! In this journey of life, we will come across people who may or may not have intentions of changing us.  It is easy to let them.  Mean-spirited people are everywhere and they seem to be growing in number, but don’t catch whatever they are spreading.  It can be contagious.  The vaccine for that is to rise above and continue to be you.  If you catch this awful disease, it will just eat at you and break you down.  You will be a better person and feel better about yourself if you are able to do so.

I hope these tips could be of assistance to you if you are feeling down about yourself.  If ever you need help, please reach out to your support system.  So many times we don’t lean on them, but that is what they are there for.  Always look to the sky and keep your head up.  You are worth it.  I know you are!

What are some of the ways you overcome self hate and build confidence?

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