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This Spring I decided to add a new workout to help me get in shape for the summer. I am already an avid gym class attendee 3 times a week. I have been known to do a 5k or a 10k every now and then as well. After hearing from a friend that swears by yoga I decided to look into it. I have found that it is exactly what I was missing in my work out regiment.

yoga pose

After starting yoga I found that I needed certain items to be prepared for class.


Items Needed

Yoga Mat: When buying a yoga mat you need to take several things into account. Length, thickness and texture are just the beginning of what you need to look for.

Towel: A standard hand or beach towel usually works just fine. But you may want to check out yoga-specific towels. They fit the entire length of your mat and are made from extra-absorbent material that quickly dries. You can even find yoga towels that have rubber bumps on the bottom to prevent slippage.

Clothing: You will want to wear comfortable, breathable clothes. Avoid wearing items that are too big or too revealing. You don’t want tops to drape and get in the way of your form. Don't wear clothes that are too tight or restrictive. You want to be completely free to move through the positions.

Water: It’s important to stay hydrated. For hot yoga classes, you may want an insulated bottle, to help keep your water cold throughout class.

Benefits of Yoga


  • Weight Loss
  • Detoxification
  • Improved Muscle form and shape
  • Improves Joint Flexibility


  • Relieving Stress
  • Heightening Concentration
  • Relaxing the body makes the mind relax
  • Helps with anxiety and depression


  • Can be done anywhere
  • Can be done alone or with others
  • Free
  • Find new poses as needed just by looking online

After class you will feel rejuvenated and relaxed. I found that the hot tub or a sit in the sauna is a perfect way to spend a few minutes after class is done. To keep the relaxed feelings of Zen flowing when I leave the gym, I have found the perfect yoga sling for the rest of the day. The Yoga Sling from Sanuk is amazing. They have lightweight, two-way stretch knit fabric upper with sling comfort construction. The footbed is made from real yoga mat. It feels like I am walking on yoga mats all day long.

Yoga Sling Collection Sanuk

To find more styles, you can also reference the look book for the full collection.

Summer is coming up quick. What is your favorite workout that is helping you get into shape for the pool?

Photo by lululemon athletic via flickr creative commons.

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