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Celebrations: How To Host a Cooking Birthday Party for Kids

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kids cooking party Celebrations—My daughter was turning five and was starting to show some interest in cooking. I thought this would be a great opportunity to have something other than the usual birthday party with a couple activities and cake (well, we'll still have cake, of course!)

The inspiration for this was visiting a business that had cooking classes in the back – not for adults, but for kids. They had a large table, a stainless steel cooking station, oven, and all the cooking equipment. If you will like to get more ideas for cooking new recipes, consider learning how to make a paella with the best ingredient by looking at

The store is too far for us, but nearby my favorite pizza place had recently expanded and were building a restaurant. I suggested this idea for a little cooking station and party area for kids. The owner (who knows me well) thought it a fantastic idea and reserved a corner of the restaurant just for that.

Alas, the restaurant wasn't completed in time for my daughter's birthday so we had the “usual” party, albeit a backyard butterfly party where all the kids had fun in the pool (the activity was this butterfly craft.) But we're definitely going to do the cooking party next year.

Simple Ways to Throw a Cooking Birthday Party for Kids

Party Preparations

Because at this party will be building pizza, we're going to fashion invitations ourselves with a colorful pizza pasted on the front. Through either the RSVP or a phone call, find out what allergies any of the children have.

Phone the business well in advance (at least a month or more), indicating the average number of kids (5-8 would be a good range.) There will usually be a minimum required and the cost will likely be per child. Find out what supplies the business offers so you know in advance what to expect. Some will take care of everything but the cake. Others will provide instruction, the cooking, plates, and utensils only.

Of course, discuss with your child some of their favorite recipes. If it's pizza, find out everybody's favorite toppings.

DIY Parties

Another option is to have a cooking party in your own home. If this is the case, I would stick to pizza and pre-making cupcakes, as these would be the easiest. On the invitations, indicate the child's preferred toppings, which you will then shop for the night before. Also indicate the need to wear old clothes.

The day of the party, make or buy enough dough to make several 9 inch personal pizzas. Lay all the ingredients in separate bowls, have all the kids wash their hands, then make your own pizza first to show how it is done. Then, let them make their own.

While the pizza is cooking, bring out cupcakes without frosting or decorations. Have the kids make and decorate their own little desserts for after the pizza!

Activities and Goody Bags

I've already had this planned out! For each child, give them their own kid-sized apron which they can wear during the baking, a small cooking set, and some recipe cards of kid-friendly recipes.

For an activity (either while the food is baking, or after), have them each build a recipe box. This can be done by collecting small boxes and having them decorate them, or going to a craft store such as Michaels and buying several wooden treasure boxes, which are the perfect size for recipe cards.

What birthday party themes have you chosen for your kids? What made these parties successful?

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Chris Molnar is a writer and stay at home Dad of two girls, and operates a blog on theme parties. When he isn't attempting to make an Elmo cake, you'll see him going down the slide with his youngest at the playground, thinking up crafts for those rainy days and making home-made pizza.

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Chris's eldest daughter (5) knows that the word "Hawaii" equals a fun, sunny destination, even if she's not quite sure where it is. With the hot weather this summer and a couple tiki torches haunting his garage from last year, it's definitely time for another luau party. You can visit Chris on his Facebook page - drop by and say aloha!


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