How to Get Celebrity Kids’ Fashion Style With a Lower Pricetag

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Celebrity kids always seem to be wearing the cutest clothes! It's no wonder considering they: a) have a considerable source of income and b) are always in the public eye.

Your child can look paparazzi ready too with a few ideas I found while surfing the web. I adore Suri Cruise and found some wonderful look alike pieces. Check it out!


The lovely ivory dress looks alot like Suri's! It's handmade by Anastacia y Gus on Etsy and it's reasonably priced at $49. The dress is handmade and supports the mom crafting community. It can be worn with or without a sweater which makes it more versatile.


In my opinion, a pink sweater should be a staple in every little girl's closet. This look alike can be found at The Gap for $26. The sweater is a great price and the sweet, solid color will be easy to use with other outfits.


I couldn't bear to find a knock off of this one. It's just too cute! The actual bag worn by Suri Cruise is made by Manuella for $48. I feel like the bag would be the biggest splurge item but it is the item she's least likely to grow out of quickly.

Now get out there and find some deals! What have been some of your best fashion finds and deals?

Kelly Loubet is the founder of the blog Everyday Childhood. She's a mother of two that loves to create, write and share her passion. Kelly is the President of the Arizona Chapter of Mom It Forward. Each month she devotes time to charitable giving in her community. In her other life... she's the Social Media Marketing Manager for Social2B, where she helps brands develop their social media marketing strategy. Follow her on Twitter @childhood.



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