Craft: How to Stencil a Fabric Tote Bag


I recently got an allover stencil from Royal Designs and was so excited to use it! The flexibility of a large stencil and it's applications are endless. We are hopefully moving soon or I would have applied this on an accent wall, instead I thought I would try a different application and use it to stencil a white fabric tote bag.

How to Stencil Fabric


  • A stencil
  • Some fabric paint
  • Sponges
  • Cardboard
  • Something to¬†stencil¬†(tote bags, t-shirts, etc.)


I gathered my materials and had them ready to use to help make it quick and easy!

The next step was to lay the stencil over the fabric. What's great about allover stencils is that there are so many designs in one stencil. You could just use the center portion or maybe just an outside border. Just use your imagination! The first thing when stenciling fabric is to make sure you put cardboard behind what you are stenciling so the paint doesn't run through. I applied the paint with a sponge by dabbing it over the stencil. I started with the center part of the stencil using pink fabric paint.

I wanted to do a more edgy/distressed look, so I dabbed the black fabric paint heavily in the center and lightly towards the edges. I held down the stencils on the edges with canned vegetables, you could also tape the stencil down or just hold it down. The following is my finished product. I took an ordinary white tote and added a little flair!

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