Simple Glitter Animal Masks

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Sometimes dressing up for Halloween is as simple as a pair of sweatpants, a colored shirt, and a fun animal mask. Or your favorite outfit, topped with a fun Halloween mask. Here are three simple animal masks that you can make using just paper, glitter, and glue. Glue the finished mask to a dowel or chopstick, or punch holes in each side for a ribbon, and wear your mask to a costume party or out trick-or-treating!

Simple Glitter Animal Masks for Halloween

Supplies To Make your Animal Masks

Supplies for the Halloween glitter animal masks

Making a Butterfly Mask

First we'll make the butterfly mask. You can look up pictures of a Monarch, or you can go from memory to make large teardrop-shaped areas of glue. Work over a large piece of scrap construction paper - this will help catch all the glitter in the next step.

Glue design for the butterfly Halloween mask

Cover the entire mask liberally with black or dark grey glitter.

Cover glue in glitter to create the designs

Carefully shake off the glitter onto your scrap construction paper. Don't worry about getting it all off - just get off 90 percent or so. If you shake the mask to try to get it all off, your wet glue may drip, destroying your design.

Butterfly glitter mask fully glittered

Curve the construction paper to pour the extra glitter back into the glitter jar.

put glitter away

Making a Fox Mask With Glitter and Glue

Next comes the fox. Use glue to define the bottom of the fox face. You can use a paintbrush if you like to spread out the glue into a thinner layer.

Add glue for fox mask - use a brush for more control

Then fill in some furry parts to define the ears. Cover with white glitter, and you're done!

Simple glitter fox mask - white glitter to add the fur!

Making the Owl Mask for Halloween or Playtime

The owl takes several steps to make. Start with glue and glitter around the eye holes.

Add glitter to glue for the eyes of the owl

You can wait for the glue to dry, or move right to the next step.

Owl glitter mask, step 2

Add more glue around the eyes, to make the "horned" feathers, and to make feathers along the bottom. Cover with a second color of glitter. Then add final details - between the eyes, and around the existing feathers. Allow to dry completely.

Simple glitter owl mask - the third glitter color adds brilliant accents

These simple glitter animal masks are simple to make, and such a fun way to dress up!

Simple animal masks for easy Halloween costumes or Dress up fun for kids

 What are you planning to be this Halloween?

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