Soup Recipes: Top Eight Ways to Make Soups Special


Dinner time! The family scrambles to the table to see what’s to eat after a long day. Not only is it a time for everyone to relax, it’s a time for the family to talk about the day and bond through laughter.

So, what’s for dinner? This is the question that must be asked every single day. Soup is the perfect dish to cheer you up and warm your soul. Do you feel like you've tried them all? Think again. At a MomItForward Twitter #gno party sponsored by Bush's Beans, Tweeters shared their favorite soup tips, secrets, and recipes.

4 Secrets for Making Your Soup Scrumptious

  • Chocolate! Many of our Tweeters suggested adding chocolate to chili. “Chocolate is one of my favorite things to put in chili, seriously, try it. It deepens the flavor,” said @aggiekitchen. @ADDhousewife uses cocoa powder and cinnamon.
  • Make it healthy. @wearsmanyhats purées white beans instead of adding cream to cut fat. “My kids never know.”
  • Brown sugar in chili was suggested by @zebastyandylan, along with some of our other Tweeters. They like it sweet!
  • Prep and perfect your ingredients before adding them to the soup. @Wearsmanyhats said, “I like to roast onions and garlic before adding them in.”

4 Tips to Make the Most Out of Dinner Time

  • “Great bread for the dipping is key!” said @jeffreysaad @RealMomKitchen said, “I love soups and stews at this time of year with some hot homemade bread or rolls.” Try these Chile Cheese Cornbread Scones from @goodLifeEats.
  • Set a nice table and look forward to hearing about everyone’s day. @goodLifeEats has the family tell one good thing and one thing they were disappointed about, then they talk about why. @geekbabe said, “We always dine together, no cell phones and a different bread is served every night.”
  • Breakfast too? “When I was a child, we always ate breakfast together also,” @lexiquin said. Get the family together no matter the time of day to bond over food
  • “Cooking low and slow is key,” said @goodLifeEats, who also shared other homemade soup, stew, and chili tips.

5 Top Tweeted Soup Recipes

There is no better time to bring the family together than over a comforting soup to discuss the day. Experiment and find something your entire family will enjoy.

What are you favorite go-to soups for family dinner?

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