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The minute the air gets crisp outside is the minute my fall crafting juices start to flow. I really wanted to make a fall wreath, but on my trip to a big crafting store, there wasn't a single orange leaf to be found. So at five minutes to closing, I ran into our local dollar store. While I didn't find the supplies to make my original wreath idea, I did find a small treasure trove of supplies and decorating ideas.

How to Make a Fall Colors Wall Collage


  • Paper
  • Package of silk fall leaves
  • Glue
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors


It is time to get started. With all things nature inspired, I have been teaching the girls that nature doesn't fall symmetrically, it falls randomly and still looks very pretty. Your first step is to glue the silk leaves onto the paper. I gave my daughter a leaf to glue and stick "anywhere" on the paper, she did this eight more times.

Now it is time to start framing our leaves. Measure, cut, and glue the ribbon around the paper. Remember this is random, so it is okay if the ribbon is on top of leaves. I chose brown ribbon because my Thanksgiving table cloth is a shiny Golden Rod. I wanted to contrast all the yellow with the brown ribbon and red and green leaves.

Silk Leaves glued on a piece of paper    Silk fall leaves glued and framed on a piece of paper

Framed pieces of paper with fall leaves

That is what it looks like on the wall. I love how the colors pop. There are so many ways to enhance or modify this craft:

  • Laminate to use as placemats
  • Put in a frame-less frame
  • Change the design to use for Christmas—use blue, red, or green ribbon, add snow flakes or holly

I love that my girls helped me make these and it was super easy without the mess.

 How else can you use fall leaves to decorate for the season? How do you get your kids involved in home decor?

Anjanette "Momma" Young and hubby have been married almost 23 years and are raising their six kiddos in the Biggest Little City, Reno, NV. Anjanette blogs at MommaYoungatHome where she shares life's little tips, recipes, cooking, crafts, and much more.


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