Holiday Entertaining: 5 Thanksgiving Table Decorating Ideas

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Thanksgiving—I love having Thanksgiving dinner with my family. I have three sisters and some of us like to cook and some of us don't. One thing we have in common is that we like to make our holidays extra special.

Decorating your table at Thanksgiving is a great way to set the mood and environment for all the  yummy food! If one table isn't enough, additional ones such as a trestle table can be utilized.

 5 Ways to Decorate Your Table for Thanksgiving

Here are a few ways that you can decorate your table for Thanksgiving this year:

1. Choose a fall table cloth or runner for your table. I have a dark brown table and love for the wood to show so I use a runner. There are many different styles. Some are made out of fabric or place mats works as well. Here is an example of three wicker mats going down the middle of the table.

2. Decide what you want your centerpiece to be. My older sister loves to take the beauty of the outdoors and bring it to the table. She will clip fall foliage, gather berries or autumn leaves and create one of the most beautiful center pieces you have ever seen. I like to collect pumpkins, gourds, and corn husks for my center pieces. Another fun idea is to gather some of your favorite holiday decorations and use that as a centerpiece.

3. Decide what cutlery you are going to use. It is fun to have special fall plates or glasses that you use just for Thanksgiving dinner. You can use place mats or chargers to spice up a plain plate. Napkin rings can also be a fun way to get festive. You can hot glue a silk flower to a plain napkin ring to give it a homemade look.

4. Candles are a fun thing to add to your table during the holidays. I have wired pumpkins that I like to use. Nothing sets the mood more than candles so start looking for some fun fall candles that will go with your overall look. The candles from Double Oak are perfect if you like woody scents.

5. To finish things off, have a place card holder at every place setting. A few years ago my kids made turkey place holders. It is one of our favorite Thanksgiving decorations. Include your kids on this project so they feel like they are contributing. There are lots of different styles so let your creative juices flow.

This year take a little extra time to make your table a conversation piece. Don't forget to take a picture of it so you will remember all the fun things you did to make your Thanksgiving dinner extra special.

What is your favorite thing to decorate your table with at Thanksgiving? What can you do this year to get your kids more involved with decorating?

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