Food: Adding Bold Flavor and Making Lasting Impressions


Food—Tired of the same old food? You can do so much with a dish by adding unique bold flavors. Go crazy with spices and figure out what ones you like and what ones you don’t. Let the flavors set the mood of your meal as well as add a little zing and zest.

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You can embellish your favorite old dishes into something completely new by adding a strong taste or finding new spice that give food that burst of flavor. At a recent MomItForward Twitter #gno party, sponsored by Boar's Head, Tweeters shared their love for “wake up your taste buds” flavor:

“I enjoy all bold flavors because it spices up my sandwiches!” said @Techtembo888. Bold flavors can turn the norm into something amazing super easily pointed out @ohsweetbasil. “I love bold flavors that leave a lasting impression,” said @aMusingFoodie. “They wake up the taste buds. Pow!” said @PoetInThePantry.

How to Add Bold Flavor to Your Cooking

Here are some ideas these to grasp bold flavor:

  • Always keep bold and flavorful spices in the kitchen. @PoetInThePantry, as well as many other Tweeters, keeps red pepper flakes on hand as well as garlic. @nilimonicky suggested cayenne pepper and @thismomwins suggested chipotle powder. “Bold flavors make flavor more exciting and allows you to be more creative,” said @beadreamaker.
  • Get inspired. Boar's Head Bold was inspired by Jamaica, Mexico, and Brazil. “I try new flavors at restaurants a lot. Figure I’ll see what the 'experts' are doing first for inspiration,” said @PoetInThePantry. Take every opportunity to become inspired.
  • Don’t forget the cheese! Cheese can add a lot of strong flavor! “I recently tried a salsa cheese with cilantro and it’s delicious!” said @dreamfishing. Try this gourmet grilled cheese from @MarlaMeridith.

Our Tweeters gave ideas for bold tasting dishes to get you started:

  • @HowToSimplify: “Fry the bologna in a pan, melt cheese on it, place it on bread, add some mustard and voila!”
  • @jmcarollo: “Baked Ziti! Full of pepperoni, Italian sausage, mozzarella cheese, and lots of red pepper flakes.”
  • @4hatsandfrugal: “I love deviled eggs and macaroni in the summer. A pinch of cayenne in both takes it up a notch.”
  • @KouponKat: “Garlic shrimp skewers on the grill. Little bit of lemon pepper on that. So good!”
  • @TamaraBenningto: “Love red potato salad with chorizo sausage diced up and lots of chipotle smoke pepper.”

Don’t be afraid to mix it up a little bit and you will be praised for the most creative and delicious servings. Remember to be bold!

How do you like to add flavor to everyday dishes? What are you go-to spices?

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