Good Manners: Ways To Become More Mannerly

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I’m a mom to two little girls who I’m crazy about. Two little girls who I want to grow into smart, savvy, mannerly people. When it comes to teaching manners to children, I’ve learned it’s more about what I do than what I say. Let’s face it, mamas: when we are short on sleep, short on time, and short on caring for ourselves, we become short with our children and everyone else. And short sometimes equals unmannerly.

In order to model good manners, Mama has to be on her “A-Game”. An “A-Game” that requires us to be a priority. Sometimes our mother’s intuition tells us to put our children first, which often means that mama comes last.


Remember those days before children? Think hard... now? The days when we sprang from bed and asked “What shall I do today” not “do I have milk for cereal?” In those days, what did you love to do? For me it was strolling through a funky boutique or gallery. Strolls that happened less and less with little ones for fear of the “you break it, you buy it” at the price of a million dollars. These “loves” are the things that make us people. What did you love to do? Do you still do it? If not, reintroduce yourself!


I think we’ll all agree that when mama is healthy she is happy! I have to find time to take care of myself.  When I do this I am happier – and by happier, I mean a different person. As moms, it’s important to fuel our bodies with food that keep us going -- not just the remains off of our children’s plates. We need to take time to get our bodies moving so we feel good in what we wear. And when we schedule appointments for our children, we should also schedule appointments for ourselves, like regular doctor appointments, dentist, gynecologist etc.


Yep that’s right, get out! Without your children. I know it’s hard. Let me tell you – my mind goes to crazy places when I leave my children. When we get out, we have time to do things that are good for us. No, great for us. Things like connecting with our friends, going on dates with our husbands, and doing what we love. We become people again. For me I'm not just “Elle and Maggie’s Mom,” I'm “Mindy.”  That’s right; I have a name. And it’s nice to hear it. So take a time “Out” just an hour. At first it’s hard but like anything the more we try it, the better we will be and the better moms we will be!

What helps you to teach your children good manners? What are ways you indulge and enjoy a little "me" time?

Mindy Lockard is the founder of Mindy Lockard's Gracious Living which includes a daily blog, trainings for colleges/universities, government agencies, and private companies. Mindy is a freelance contributor for Fox 12 Oregon, Crane & Co.'s The Crane Insider, Stationery Trends magazine's column "What's Write" and many other web and print publications. To learn more about Mindy Lockard you can find her on twitter: @TheGraciousGirl facebook: The Gracious Girl or on the web

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