Goal Setting: 4 Steps to Creating a Health Vision Board

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The new buzz phrase in personal development is "vision boards." You know, this idea was made popular by the personal development movie called The Secret. Most people think you get your favorite magazines, cut out your favorite pictures, put them on a poster board, and viola: your dreams will manifest. Since I am a Certified Vision Board Coach (CVBC), I can share with you there is more to it than this.

I love to break it down! Make the complex more simple. I am going to share with you simple steps to  creating a vision board and instead of mapping out your whole life, I'm going to start with your health vision. To make this more personal, I'm going to further break it down and make it about you, not your family!

How To Make a Health Vision Board

The following is a step-by-step plan to create a compelling vision board:

Gather Supplies

Get a nice size sturdy poster board. I like the kind which has poster board on two sides with foam in the middle. This makes for a sturdy board. It is also easy to hang. Rubber cement is nice, but you can use glue sticks to start with. The subject is health, so look through magazines you have at home, or even go to a good bookstore with a supply of magazines. Don't limit yourself to just your favorite magazines or even health magazines. You may find a word of inspiration in a Field and Stream magazine! I love Simple Living and Oprah's magazine's as well as inspirational and healthy cooking magazines. Just don't limit yourself to your normal! Have a supply of pens and markers available.

Time for Intention

This is the most important step you can take with creating a board! You need to plan a quiet time and really spend time exploring what it is you really are wanting to achieve. It really should be a "heart" goal. This is a goal YOU really want in the deep parts of your heart. For example, you think it would be great to lose 30 pounds in 2012, but you really don't believe you can achieve this goal. You may need a coach to help you work through some mindsets or false belief systems before you can connect in your heart with a goal you want to achieve. Get clear on what it is you want to manifest in your life. You may want to add more whole foods in your life, or move more in the coming year. Get CLEAR!

Gather Pictures, Words, and Phrases

Start looking through your stacks of magazines. Tear or cut out words, phrases, and pictures that really "POP" when you are looking through. You may not use everything you tear out. Don't worry, this exercise is to pull together items that you are attracted to.

Sort Through Everything

It is now time to look through your words, phrases, and pictures. Take your board, and start placing or grouping words and pictures in a way that feels right to you. There will be pictures and words you don't use because they no longer feel right or fit. Take time with this process. When you are content with the look of your arrangement start gluing the content to the board. Fill in other words or captions with your pens or markers. You can hang your finished work on the refrigerator, in the kitchen, home office, or any other area where you will have frequent contact.

This is a very simple overview on how to create a  vision board. When I teach a class, or group, whether live or virtual, this can be a workshop that last's an entire day. Another great way to create a board is a site I have found on You can create an O Board. At this site you are able to upload your own photos and create your own power words and phrases. The really nice thing is when you are done, you can send this to a participating photo shop, and have any size you want printed off!

2012 is almost upon you. Take time to create the vision for yourself! After you create the visual representation of your very deep "heart" desires, then branch out and create one for other areas in your life. Create a family board. This would be a great family project or girl's night out activity with your friends! I would love for you to share your board after you complete it or blog about it!

Have you ever created a vision board? What are your visions and goals for 2012?

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Joyce Harrell is a Mom, Wife, Nana, Nurse, Health & Wellness Coach, Low Glycemic Mind-Body Transformation Coach, Author, Certified Vision Board Coach, and Aromatherapist. Her unique talent is to empower self-acceptance and purposeful living utilizing wellness principles, low glycemic education, vision boards, and essential oils. Joyce emphasizes simple principles for individuals who desire to feel better about whom they are as they are empowered to bring positive changes to their emotional and physical selves. In addition to being a Registered Nurse, Joyce has also received training as a wellness coach through Wellcoaches, and The Wellness Inventory coaching programs. She has co-authored the book Heart of Success.


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