How to Motivate Yourself During Difficult Times


When I was a young single mom I carried a lot of stress, because I was going through a very difficult time. I had two small children and had moved to a new town to start a new life. Eventually I enrolled in college and set out to earn my degree while working and taking care of the kids.

Although life with my kids was filled with joy, there were days when my motivation was low and I just wanted to lay down and give up. I felt like the hardest thing in the world was to juggle three major things in my life. Being a mom is a hard job, but add being a full time student with all of the studying and tests, and then a job I need to provide for my little family—it was all just overwhelming.

The hardest thing to do when you are going through hard times is to get motivated. The dark clouds become a constant friend and your body begins to slowly decay.

Four Tips to Motivate Yourself on Down Days

To counteract the negative mental and physical effects brought on by difficult times, try these four things to motivate you.

1. Look at your past accomplishments and remember you truly are a star. During difficult times the only thing you can see is what’s happening right now. You forget about the things that happened in the past that were shining moments in your lives. When you are going through a difficult time motivate yourself by looking at the amazing things you did in the past. Did you win an award? Did you get the most sales in the office or division? Did you finish a really challenging course? While you are looking back, right down all the things you did that made you a star.

2. Set one-three goals you can focus on and work toward them; document your success. When you are feeling down and out, depressed even, get out paper and pen and jot down 1-3 goals you can accomplish very easily. You need small successes right now to give you a sense of purpose. Add new goals to your list and cross them out as you complete them. Each new goal reached lifts your self-esteem higher and no matter how difficult the times are you will begin to feel less depressed because you are having small wins.

3. Surround yourself with positive people (real or online). The people you interact with each day can make or break your spirit. It’s important to hang around people who are positive. They will encourage you to see the bright side of things and try something new. They can show you how to get past the dark clouds and expect success. If you do not have positive people in your immediate circle of friends find them online. There are hundreds of groups online that live positive lives and encourage others to do the same.

4. Take a mental break and go play; you’ll be refreshed and the problems won’t seems so big. Hard times make people grumpy and hard to live with. There is no joy and laughter, both of which naturally lift you up. Negative thoughts and situations drag you down but there is a way to pull yourself out of that hole. Go play. Visit a playground and act like a kid. Go fishing, bowling, roller skating, or any place kids go. Forget about your problems for an hour while swinging on the swings or going down the sliding board. After an hour of play you will feel much better. The world will seem brighter and the dark clouds will be gone.

Following these simple steps will motivate you to go forward in your life. You will feel ten times better because you remember you are a star because of your past accomplishments, you set and meet small goals, you surround yourself with positive people, and you take a mental break and play.

What is one thing you will do to brighten up your week this week?

This post was provided by Rich Single Momma. Finding herself single with two children, she had to find a way to reinvent herself. She offers advice and financial solutions for single moms through the Single Moms' Economic Empowerment Network. She believes in her heart that these women don't need to struggle with endless depression, poverty and live in constant survival mode. She has partnered with a baby clothes company to help inform moms of options available to them. Check out their site for the most affordable and fashionable selections of baby hats, headbands and so much more.
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