Relationships: Realizing Those Around You


Relationships—Sisters are truly your best friends. In fact, they're better because no matter what you do, they still have to love you. I truly admire my sister for the simple everyday things she does. Of course, when we were young, we had our sisterly tiffs, but I looked up to her nonetheless, as I still do today.

Two sisters sitting on the beach laughing

She’s the one I go to when I have a brilliant idea that only she and I could accomplish, or to complain about the day because I know she will genuinely listen.

Sometimes you don’t notice how much you look up to the people closest to you. Nor do you realize that it’s the small things they do that are most admirable.

My sister is definitely extraordinary, unique, exceptional, and all the other words the thesaurus gives for the word special. My sister didn't donate her kidney to me or fly me to Egypt, but she’s special to me because of what she has taught me through the way she lives her life and builds her relationships.

I’ve always admired my sister for her spontaneous nature. She always seems to have the energy to do something completely out of the ordinary. Offer up a crazy idea and she’ll find a way to quickly change her plans in an organized way.

She makes everything fun, so she’s obviously the first person I would invite to do anything with me. It might be lunch, might be pulling weeds, either way she’s someone I can always have fun with.

Her creativity goes so far beyond what I could ever think up. She has this artistic touch that she just pulls out and uses on the smallest of things. She has a limitless imagination and is always coming up with some innovative project.

She is so smart! I’ve always been the child that studies day in and day out and still does worse than she does in school and she hardly studies. She has definitely set a high bar but I am grateful for it because that bar has pushed me to do bigger and better things. Plus, if I ever need help studying or need her to look over a blog post, she’s the one I go to.

When I do call on her, she’s always willing to help me. This is one of her traits that I regard as absolutely spectacular. Everyone is busy and could easily fill the day worrying about no one but themselves. My sister always makes time and never seems to be in a hurry with everything else she needs to do. She’s laid back and acts as if making sure I have everything I need is the only thing on her to-do list that day.

My sister is special to me because she is herself and makes me want to be a better person. Take time to realize those who are special to you. Make a list of their qualities you most admire and strive to live them yourself. Understand that you, too, are somebody's role model,  just because you are yourself. There are people watching your everyday actions, and are in awe of the little things you do, both big and small.

Who do you most admire in your everyday life? What makes them so extraordinary?

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