Showing Gratitude: Gratitude Jar Craft

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November is a great month to focus on the things we are grateful for. I love teaching my children about gratitude, because it helps them to focus less on themselves and more on others.

Gratitude Jar

A gratitude jar is a perfect way to help us get into the spirit of the season. This craft is really simple to make and would be a fun gift to give to your family and friends.


You will need a few things for this project:

  • A medium size mason jar
  • An assortment of scrapbook paper
  • 15 inches of 1/4 in. ribbon
  • 4x4 piece of fabric or enough to cover your jar lid
  • Silk leaves
  • A hot glue gun
  • Computer to print tags
Step 1. Start by tracing a circle around the jar lid onto the fabric. You want to make sure that you make the circle big enough so that the fabric will hang over the lid about 1 inch when it is cut.
Step 2. Cut around the traced circle and glue the fabric onto the mason lid with your hot glue gun.
Step 3. Glue two  leaves to the top of ther lid and finish by tying a piece of your ribbon around the outer edge. (See the picture above to get an idea of how this should look.)
Step 4. Select a random assortment of scrapbook paper to make 2x5-sized tags.
Step 5. Identify 20 sayings to put on the tags—things you are grateful for. For example: "I am thankful for my family." Or, "I am thankful for pies."
Step 6. Under each item, list something you can do to show your gratitude. For example under "I am thankful for my family" tag, you could put "Play a game together, inside or outside!" Also, consider adding a small picture. For example, a picture of your family or an image that depicts game playing.


Step 7. Print your thankful cards on white paper, cut them out, and glue them to your scrapbook paper. When you are finished, put your cards into your jar and put the lid on.

Step 8. Add a tag to the outside of this jar, backing it with paper. Then, punch a hole in it, and use the last of your ribbon to tie it to the outside of the jar. The one I made says, "I am thankful for you and pumpkin pies!"

Voila! You are ready to either give this away or start pulling out the cards as a family once a day to help you focus on all of your blessings.

What fun traditions do you you and your family have? How can you teach your children to have gratitude?

(Gratitude Jar Craft made by Vanessa Sperry).

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