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I am a transplant to the Bay Area and I love it here. One of the things I love the most—like the very VERY most—about this area is the food. Food is so fresh here! In fact, it’s so fresh, I have become a huge food snob, and when I return to my hometown in Utah, I stand high on my soapbox and declare that there is nowhere better to live and eat than California. That doesn’t always go over well with the relatives at home. We are spoiled here—and I say “We” because I now consider myself a NorCal girl. It is for this reason that when I heard about Farm Fresh To You from a friend, I had to jump on it!


Let me explain … I am a mom of four boys. Yes, I said four boys. So as you can imagine, we eat a lot. And eating healthy and fresh is important to me. Does this mean that my boys all dive right into a box full of fresh veggies? No way. In your (my) dreams. But, it does mean that I introduce them to new foods all of the time, coerce, bribe, and at times force the freshness down their throats. It can’t be all frozen pizzas all of the time.

I fell hard and fast for the idea that someone would deliver a big box of amazingly fresh fruit, veggies, eggs, dairy, and meats on my porch once a week. Veggies that I didn’t even have to choose! Variety that I may never try on my own! That’s the best part. Yes, you can select specifically what you want or don’t want in your Farm Fresh To You box, and they have an enormous selection to choose from. But, I chose the seasonal variety option, and it is so much fun! It’s like Christmas every Thursday morning when I open the door and have a new mysterious gift on my porch. Plus, it's food that I didn't have to shop for! Did I already mention that I have four boys, so I shop for a lot of food?

To me, the best part about receiving my Farm Fresh To You box every week is not knowing what will be in it.  I love opening the box, digging through the fresh yumminess, and ooing and ahhing over every beautiful item. Bok Choi? Hmmm never cooked with that before. Mushrooms that are beautiful and raw and twisty and gnarly? Sure ... can’t wait to try! Apples of all kinds, grapes so sweet, and berries that always taste better than the store bought ones? I truly feel like the good people at Cappay Farms put my box together carefully and specially for me. I like to imagine them adding new things that I haven’t tried before—the standards that I always like—and throwing in a rogue eggplant here or an avocado there just to keep me guessing. It is so much fun. I’m geeking out, I know. But it’s real.

Not only is my box full of freshness galore, but included is a weekly news letter from Thad, the farmer at Farm Fresh To You. Included is news about the farm (like real news such as weather patterns, crop troubles, and the joys and hardships endured while growing my amazing food). He always talks about the seasonal crops, and what is being done on the farm to prepare for the next season. Also included is a list of what is actually in my box, and several recipes for how to use the food. I love this! Because ... let’s be honest ... I don’t’ always have on hand several ways to use bok choi.

I can honestly and truly declare my true love for Farm Fresh To You to all who will hear. I am not afraid to stand on my soapbox and declare how lucky I am to live in a place where this freshness is available and delivered to my door. Thank you Farm Fresh to You. You make my Thursday mornings amazing.

Check to see if you live in a Farm Fresh To You delivery area. Also, be sure to follow Farm Fresh To You on Facebook and Twitter.

What's your favorite vegetable?

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Farm Fresh To You. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Photo by UnSplash.

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