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Valentine’s Day Printable: DIY Kids Magnets

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Create Valentine’s Day fridge magnets to add a little something to your Valentine's Day décor this year. It's a great addition, adding that perfect accent to the rest of your reds ands pinks. They can even be given away as Valentines! These Valentine's Day printables make this craft so easy to make and you know they won’t be thrown away! Everyone will think you’re so creative!

valentine's day magnets printable

How to Make Valentine’s Day Magnets


  • 8-½ x 11 piece of paper or cardstock
  • Printer
  • Magnet sheets/ magnetic paper (with an adhesive side)
  • Guillotine cutter (or any cutter or scissors that cut through magnetic paper)


    • Print out this free Valentine’s Day Magnet Template
    • Stick your printed paper to your magnetic sheet
    • Cut around the square graphics with your cutter

Valentines day magnets diy printable


Easy as that. Now give them away to all your valentines!

Click here to download our Valentine's Day magnets printable.


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