Peace on Earth: Merry Christmas from Mom It Forward!


So today is the big day! First of all, let me begin with Merry Christmas! Sadly, it might end up being one of the last ones you hear for this holiday season. After days of bargain hunting, fighting the holiday traffic, putting up Christmas decorations, squeezing yourself through the tight aisles at the supermarket, hearing Feliz Navidad over 100 times, sweating it out in the kitchen preparing the huge family feast, watching dozens of Christmas specials and thousands of matching commercials, preparing for the annual community or church Christmas Pageant, rearranging your Elf on the Shelf in 30 different places in the middle of the night, to the big night when nobody sleeps waiting for Santa to arrive — I am guessing you are as exhausted as I am.

Today, as you sit around your tree with the house looking like it has been hit by a tornado with toys and torn wrapping paper lying everywhere, take a minute and breath in this moment. Christmas represents so many things to so many people, but I think we would all agree that at the top of our lists are feelings of love, compassion, and gratitude.

The aromas in the kitchen remind us of Christmas past and loved ones gone on, but thankfully they left that special recipe that will never be forgotten. Our messy house reminds us of life‘s imperfections, what they represent, and how beautiful they truly are depending on your point of view. The gifts, no matter how terrible or wonderful, remind us that someone does care and sends loving thoughts our way everyday. Most importantly, the joy on our children’s faces remind us of a sweet little baby boy, born in a stable, to bring us peace.

That is what I wish for you today and all year through. The world may be in turmoil, your bank account low, close relationships strained, but I pray you feel peace in your heart no matter the circumstances. So go prop your feet up, hug your family tight, snuggle up with your favorite blanket, and put on a good Christmas movie tonight. But most of all, sleep in heavenly peace.

How are you celebrating Christmas today?

Reprinted from 2011, by Alicia Ivey of, where you can find the most stylish baby clothes, beautiful tutus, and most precious baby headbands.

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