Foreign Language: Five Tips for Learning a New Language

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Hola! Hej! Shalom! Sabaidee! Hello! Learning a new language is a daunting task. It is one that takes much time and effort, but one that can literally open new worlds. Here are a few tips to help you along your language learning journey.

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5 Tips for Learning a New Language

Be Diligent

A language is not something you are going to learn in one day. Have patience and keep trying. It takes years to master a language. Dedicate your efforts and don’t give up!

Give Your Learning Meaning

Remind yourself why you are learning a language. Determine how you are going to use your skills and try to learn vocabulary that will help you communicate in the field in which you will be using the language.

Immerse Yourself

This isn’t always a possibility. However, if it is possible, surround yourself with the language. Try to think in your new language. Watch movies, read books, and listen to news programs in the language. Focus on what is being said and try to communicate with native speakers.

Set goals

Set daily, weekly, and monthly goals focused on your ability to communicate and understand the language. Step back and evaluate if you are meeting your goals and how you can improve.

Create a Plan

Be willing to adjust your plan. Too much repetition will halt the brain from retaining information. Try to use the language at every possible opportunity.

Look for an upcoming post on how to create a language study tools.

What language are you trying to learn?

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