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Halloween is such a fun time of year: You get to pick costumes, decorate the house, attend parties, and of course, go Trick-or-Treating. However, all of the candy and sugary items that the kids are  consuming can be too much. But is it possible to have some fun and healthier Halloween options that kids will make kids happy? Yes!

I mean, kids want to have some yummy, scary treats and healthy does not mean tasteless and boring.  Look at some of these ideas and then get into the kitchen and create some healthy Halloween Treats.

First up is what I call 'Bread Bones'.  Try to find a whole wheat dough or any dough that does not  contain hydrogenated oils or other less desirable ingredients. Simply shape the dough prior to  baking. I am showing two different options and on some of the 'bones' I used grated Parmesan cheese some to create more bone marrow-like texture. I served them with some warm marinara sauce as an easy way to get some good nutrients into the kids.

All you need to do is prior to baking the bread (per manufacturer's instructions)is to either tie a knot in either end of the bread sticks or shape the ends of each 'bone'. Sprinkle on the cheese if you wish and heat up some marinara while the bread sticks are cooling.

Next up, are the Cheesy Fingers. These are so quick and easy to make. Simply cut a cheese stick in half and adhere (with cream cheese) a piece of fingernail shaped red pepper. For the final step, I used the  back of a knife to create indentations to simulate the knuckle area of a finger.

I hope you enjoyed these healthier Halloween treat options. I also have another healthy Halloween treat called 'Scary Bananas'.

This mother of two is the owner of the food and family blog Savor the Thyme. She obtained a MS in Immunology and worked for a large pharmaceutical company in CT before starting her family. Currently, she works from home writing for Savor the Thyme, a daily post for Babble's The Family Kitchen, and weekly as Rhode Island Traveling Mom on Jennifer also writes as a freelance writer and social media consultant.

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