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Your heart is your most vital organ. It’s what keeps us going each and every day. Every pump is encouraging us to live life and be happy. We sometimes put it through emotional pain and break it into pieces and yet it keeps pumping just for us. Our hearts are our true friends, mourning when we mourn, jumping when we jump, worrying when we worry. Our heart is nothing but nice to us and then we often feed it a bunch of nonsense. There is no better time than this week to make a special effort to be kind to your heart by eating heart healthy food.

Try eating more fruits and veggies, choosing whole grains, limiting unhealthy fats, and eating low fat proteins.

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Heart Healthy Recipes Meal Plan

Meal Plan: Monday, February 6- Sunday, February 12




  • Dinner: Healthy Pizza by I Heart Nap Time
  • Discussion: How can you show someone you love them?



  • Dinner: Florentine Chicken by Somewhat Simple
  • Discussion: What physical activity have you done today to keep your heart healthy?




Try this Berry or Peach Crisp from An Apple A Day for dessert! Yum!

Meal Plan and Grocery Shopping List Free Printable

If you’re interested in trying some or all of these recipes, be sure to fill out the Mom It Forward Meal Plan and Grocery Shopping List Free Printable before you head to the store!

Discussion Questions

Stop by the comments section of this post or on our Facebook page and let us know how your family members answered the discussion questions. We would love to hear what your family shared at the dinner table!

Share Your Side Dish Recipes!

Sometimes thinking of main entrees is the easy party...but what do you pair with your main dishes? We would love for you to share your ideas for side dish recipes!

Disclaimer: This post is part of our Weekly Meal Plan series. Each week, we share recipes and photos from bloggers around the web. We have been given permission to use all links and photos in this series. A huge thanks goes out to all of the bloggers who helped us create this delicious menu! If you have recipes on your site that you would like for us to feature, please be sure to fill out this form.

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