Raising a Champion: Helping Kids Find Their Inner Warrior

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Parenting—Raising a champion takes a lot of work, patience, and love. Every child is a champion in one way or another and the best way for them to see that is to teach and lead by example the importance of positive thinking, self image, nutrition and hard work.

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At a recent MomItForward Twitter #gno party, sponsored by Hormel Foods, Tweeters shared ways to raise a champion. Champion: hero, warrior, defender, remarkable person.

8 Ways to Help your Child Release Their Inner Champion

  • Healthy food makes for a happy lifestyle. Research has shown that being healthy makes you happy. Your brain is connected to the nutrients you put into your body and can affect your mood. @fowler121600 along with other Tweeters suggested providing your champions with good wholesome food.
  • “Encourage,” said @a_fabuLESS_life. “My favorite tip would be to always be positive and encourage them always,” said @ana_oliva1. Kids need the support to continue to be the best they can be. @busyVAmom encourages her kids to be their best in all things and lets them know that they can be anything they want in life.
  • Sponsor self confidence. “I’m always telling them that each person has a gift,” said @ana_oliva1. Let your kids know that they are wonderful and help them grow a confident self image. “I tell them they can do anything with practice,” said @mellanhead. @cookingwcaitlin teaches her kids to look people in the eye. “Every night I tell my kids how pretty/handsome, unique they are. Every night,” said @Etsystalkers.
  • Maintain a positive self image. “Encourage them to find hobbies they enjoy. Help them make time to do what they love!” said @HormelFoods. @dominiquedawes said building self esteem in kids is all about encouragement and helping them embrace their uniqueness.
  • Involve them. Let your kids know that they are needed. “Always include them and give them responsibility.” said @luckyphillydad.
  • “Always let them know they are loved,” said @mummadear. Everyone needs to know they are loved and will be loved despite their ups, downs, trials, errors, and victories.
  • Keep them active. Physical activity has been shown to decrease depression and increase happiness and self confidence. @philZENdia said, “Sports will not only keep him active but it will build his character as well.” Mental outlook is directly connected to physical activity and the amount of time you spend outdoors.
  • It’s okay for them to lose. “In fact, it’s important that they don’t always win,” said @TroyPattee. Whether in sports or any other aspect of life, “let them fail,” said @thetravelmom. “We only learn how capable we are when we push through challenges!”

Every child is a champion. You are their best role model for self acceptance, work ethic, and a healthy lifestyle. @swtthing3 said, “Unconditional acceptance is the best thing to do!” Accept and encourage their inner champion. “I believe in believing in them,” said @busyVAmom.

How do you encourage your children to  take on challenges and push themselves?

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