Summer Learning: How to Keep Your Child Reading During Summer

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School is out and your child’s brain is on vacation! You mention one word about school or reading and your child just groans. Reading does not have to be a chore; make reading fun and interesting! We have all heard “practice makes perfect,” well, practice may not make your child perfect but reading over the summer will definitely help your child retain, even improve, vocabulary and comprehension skills learned during the school year.

How to Keep Your Child Reading During Summer

  1. Lead by example. Your child will read if he sees you reading.
  2. Find a topic that interests your child.
  3. Ask your child’s teacher for the appropriate reading level for your child.
  4. Make books accessible to our child.
  5. Offering an incentive. Start a reading chart for your child. Every time they chart 100 minutes, they earn a trip to the Dollar Store. For older children, find a reward that interests them.
  6. Sign your child up for a reading club at the library or through the web.
  7. Read stories aloud online at sites such as
  8. Read EVERYTHING! Books, comics, road signs, cereal boxes, recipes....
  9. Allow your child to make crafts about stories they have read or do activities that go along with the story.

Reading through the summer is important for your child’s growth and helps them retain what they have already learned. Making reading fun for your child helps increase their desire to read.

How do you encourage your children to read during summer vacation?

As a former Kindergarten teacher and mother of two teenagers, Robin Greene knows how important it is to keep kids reading throughout the summer. Robin enjoys watching her son play baseball and her daughter dance, but during her free time she enjoys freelance writing for You will not want to miss the amazing selection of frilly tutus and stylish baby clothes with matching baby hats this summer.

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