Eggs in Their Many Forms: Meals and Recipes


Food—Eggs! Eggs! Eggs! There are so many ways you can eat them and hundreds of main egg dishes to fill your plate not only for breakfast but for other meals as well. Eggs are not only adaptable to any meal but are also delicious and healthy.

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At a recent MomItForward Twitter #gno party, sponsored by Eggland’s Best, Tweeters shared their favorite ways to eat and serve eggs. Get creative and start serving more eggs in your house to provide your family with, tipped @ana_oliva1, great taste, health, and lots of energy. Almost nothing is impossible when it comes to eggs, after talking with our Tweeters, we found that there are unlimited ways to prepare eggs, so don’t be afraid to try something out of the ordinary.

How to Bring Eggs Into Your Meals

  • Try a different approach to eggs. Most families serve their eggs the same way every time. Mix it up by trying a new approach. @fowler121600 likes eggs baked in the oven, @go2kauai likes steamed eggs, and @ADDhousewife likes coddled eggs, which are “slightly boiled eggs in a porcelain container.” Other ways include favorites from @SarahWCaron, poached or fried in a little olive oil. “I like eating sunny side up eggs with rice,” said @LizTicona.
  • Mix your eggs with other items to mix up the taste. “Goodness, we put everything in it; veggies, salsa, bacon, ham,” said @fowler121600. A favorite of @Serene_streams is scrambled eggs with fresh tomatoes, avocado, mushrooms, and spinach.
  • Experiment with new seasonings. Who ever said salt was all you needed? “I always season my eggs with pepper and hot sauce,” said @nycmartini. @ADDhousewife recommends fresh salsa and cilantro. “My family likes cheese and salsa,” said @cstironkat. “They like to dip hard boiled eggs in ranch dressing too.”
  • Serve with sides. @AnnsTipToes recommends biscuits, turkey bacon, and maple syrup or fig preserves. “My family also likes to eat eggs on top of pancakes with a touch of syrup,” said @cstironkat.
  • Use cookie cutters. “Scrambled eggs shaped in a metal cookie cutter are a fast, fun dinner,” said @Lizinka2001. @AnAppleADayRD said her kids love to use cookie cutters on a piece of toast and then cook their egg inside it in a pan. Try this French Toast Egg-in-a-Hole recipe from @HoosierHomemade.
  • Bring it to lunch. “A hard boiled egg is great to pack for school lunch,” said @AnAppleADayRD. @jillgreenlaw suggested egg salad sandwiches.
  • Serve eggs for dinner, too! Here are some ideas from our Tweeters: frittatas, @abbebrown; bacon or sausage egg quiche, @TamaraBenningto; hard boiled eggs cut up into salad, @sweetmatcha. @AnAppleADayRD advised using eggs to thicken soups, “makes them very rich and velvety!”
  • And of course dessert. @PheMom shared Baked Chocolate Mousse Mug Cake. Yum!

Eggs are a great source of nutrients and taste good, too! Plus, they are a great base for experimenting. Make them a part of every meal for energy and muscle strength.

P.S. Here is a tip from @cstironkat: “In the winter, I buy extra and hard boil them for the birds. It seems funny but birds love eggs.”

What is your favorite way to prepare eggs?

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